May 27, 2015


I finally have them! I've been crushing on these headphones for such a long, long time. The design is exactly what I like: minimal but with some rose gold to give it that extra touch. And now I can finally call them mine. I'm so happy and I can't wait to show you my new 'Frends With Benefits'!

 The Frends headphones arrived in chic black boxes with magnetised flaps. You can store them easily in the original box, but I store them only in the little white pouch that came with it. (See last picture.) The pouch is supersoft on the inside, so no worries, it won't damage the shiny caps. How do those headphones fit in that little pouch? Well, you can simply fold the ears in!

There are three types of eargear: the Taylor, Layla and Ella B. I went for Layla which is smaller than Taylor. Mainly because I'm tiny, so my head is tiny too. I can fit into some babies beanies, not even kidding. (My dad has the same problem, - even though he's not short - and caps never fit, so he has to go shopping at the youth section for caps. - I swear, we do look normal tho.) So of course I went for a fitting look, and not the where's-that-headphone-going-with-that-girl-look. BUT, now that I've seen Layla on me, I think Taylor would fit too. And I'll just admit it, there's no denying it. Now I also want Taylor in black and gold. 

 All of the on-ear headphones are made from white real leather. (The only downside, please make some vegan alternatives. We really, really need this.) And the design is of course the reason why I wanted these so bad. They're not just headphones, but they're also an accessory. Some gorgeous rose gold jewelry around your neck or on your head.

There is a three button mic with volume and the ear cushions are made from memory foam. Which means that the cushions adapt to your ears = comfortable! It also has a premium 30mm driver, although I have no clue what I just said. Just dropping the specs for you. 

And I got a set of extra caps. The 'Mother of Pearl', oh these are so beautiful! I love the idea of switching from rose gold to pearl whenever you feel like it. It instantly gives a whole new look to your headphones. 

I'm so happy with this gorgeous pair of headphones. The design is amazing. I also love that you can change the style by putting on some other caps. And oh, I almost forgot to tell you this: the metal parts do not smudge or leave on fingerprints. I don't know how they do it, but they don't look all blurry and filthy with greasy fingerprints after you used them. Big, big pro!

I feel like you can get addicted to collecting these. I'm already thinking about buying Taylor, the bigger version in black and gold. With some nice Rebecca Minkoff caps. (If I do, I will of course show them here too.) 

What do you think of the looks of these headphones? And which caps would you prefer rose gold or pearl?

Love, Rani


  1. I really really love the design, probably the prettiest headphones I've ever seen! And I think I prefer the rose golden caps.

  2. Oh my god, these are so beautiful!!! I have been wanting them too, for so long! So sad they're expensive, but soon it's my birthday and these are on the wsihlist!

    Love your blog btw,

  3. those headphones are absolutely incredible, love the rose gold details ! what a perfect pair of headphones x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  4. Omg die zijn zoo perfect :(

  5. In love with these, I also checked out those bigger ones like you said, and i'm definitely more of a golden girl! Need those in my life!

    xo Louise

  6. Ooooh, die caps met dat rosé goud en parelmoer... to die for!

  7. Those are the prettiest headphones I have seen. Gorgeous pictures Rani! :) I would feel like such a princess listening to music with those.

  8. These are the most gorgeous headphones ever! *adds to wishlist* xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. This is so cool!


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