May 17, 2015


Watches are an accessory that will never go out of fashion. They come in so many different styles: from preppy to minimal. Today I'm showing you my favorite watches!

Here they are! They are from 4 different labels: The Fifth, Daniel Wellington, Fjord and Breda.

This is my newest addition. It's the biggest one I own as you can see. I love the design: it's kinda austere: simple, black and gold. My favorite colors.
But The Fifth is not only a really cool label because of the gorgeous watches, but they do things in a different way.

They have 5 rules: 
1: 5 styles
2: sales launch on the fifth of each month
3: sales only run for 5 days
4: 5 surprises each month
5: The Fifth watch is a limited edition

I love their philosophy! Everyone wants a special, limited edition watch, right? I'm really happy I own one now! 
You probably also have noticed that this is the only label I own only one watch from, but hopefully that will change soon, because I'm really eyeing that pastel pink beauty.

The two Daniel Wellingtons, which you have seen in a Christmas post here and in one of my favorite posts here.

You may have seen the two Fjord watches on Instagram, I have actually used them a lot. They both are really pretty: the gold one is my favorite, because I didn't own a fully gold one yet. And gold is perfect for spring/summer! The black one is one of the watches that fits me the best, because it's small and I have really tiny wrists.

These Breda watches are also among my favorites, because they look more like a jewel, a bracelet than a watch. I wear the black one so often, I love the metal studded band!

The Fifth (order here) || Daniel Wellington (buy here) || Fjord (buy here) || Breda (buy here)

That was it! My seven favorite watches.

What's your favorite?

Love, Rani


  1. i love the classic DW watch, it's so classy and sophisticated ! also, your new addition from The Fifth looks amazing x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. That new watch from The Fifth is my favorite. Black with a little bit of gold, that's just perfect! Another one I really like is the black Breda watch. It's such a pretty one!

  3. I just cant choose between that gold one, the big one or the studded black one, they're so beautiful! I ust want the all!

  4. Madly in love with your watch-collection, wow!

    x Abby

  5. Jaloers op je collectie, echt prachtig! Beide Daniel Wellingtons zijn super en die gouden Fjord is ook echt een beauty

  6. Beautiful watches! Such amazing photos!! Love it!

  7. wow!!! love them all!!!!
    kisses ❤️



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