May 16, 2015


Helena Rubinstein is very famous for their mascaras. This post is all about the eye essentials: a good mascara, a little eyeshadow palette and a make-up remover specialized in those hard-to-wipe-off-mascaras!

Let's take a closer look at these three products.

The first product is the Lash Queen Fatal Blacks mascara. And it has a chic appearance. It's decorated with a snake-print texture which you can actually feel. The brush has a shape I haven't seen before, it's curved and wider in the middle. This should help reaching all the lashes easier.

(Find the swatches down below!)

Next up is the Wanted Eyes Duo eyeshadow. It is a little palette with two colors. I have it in the colors: 55 Seducing Pink & Sexy Plum. Two colors that look a bit more colorful and daring for me, considering the fact that I always wear very dark eyelooks. The outside has a shiny brown/silver color: it's simple and pretty. It also has a little mirror inside. It just looks very cute and handy, something I would put standard in my bag. (Fixing that smudged eyeliner during tough days, oh yes.)

The colors are well pigmented, they have also a matte texture which I really enjoy. It all feels and goes on so smooth. And yet, both of them do have a bit of shimmer. 

The 'All Mascaras!' make-up remover has a bright, clear blue bottle. I actually think this is a really pretty bottle! There's something about that bright blue color mixed with the gold details that I find very appealing. The formula is a bit oily. You can see that there is a difference in density when you look at the first picture. So the bottle has to be shaken first before using it. Then it looks like picture three, no more difference in density.
When I applied this one, my eye make-up came right off, even the mascara. After using it, my skin felt a little bit oily. But after cleansing it (as my night-time routine is) it was all gone. 

Here I'm wearing three (!) layers of the mascara, and it still doesn't clump. (Also, remember how tinywiny my lashes are.) I think it looks good and it feels good. One little thing: it doesn't give much curl to my lashes. (Okay, again, my lashes have zero curl.) But they lengthen and give volume, which are the most important features of a mascara. It also has a bit of a dryer formula, which I can appreciate - no sticky lashes! 

I'm also wearing both of the eyeshadow colors. The dark one in the outercorner, the lighter one in the inner corner. I kept it simple, so no dramatic blending here. As I said above, the soft pink color is amazing, and these swatches don't do it any justice sadly. This color might be making his way into my daily routine...

Helena Rubinstein - Lash Queen Fatal Blacks in color 01 Magnetic Black (€34) 
Helena Rubinstein - Wanted Eyes Duo eyeshadow in color 55 Seducing Pink & Sexy Plum (€45) 
Helena Rubinstein - All Mascaras! make-up remover (€32)

Price of the day goes to... the eyeshadow palette! I really love that soft, light color. I will probably start using it every day now, in the corner of my eyelids, before applying my eyeliner. It gives such a fresh touch.

Have you ever tried anything from Helena Rubinstein?

Love, Rani


  1. The eyeshadow looks great on you! The colors are really perfect!

  2. I needed an eyemakup remover, thanks for the tip! x - Julie

  3. Wonderful review!! Gorgeous pictures!! I'm always looking for a new eye makeup remover.

  4. Ik wou net een zo'n mascara kopen hahaha, wat een toeval! Een vriendin van mi heeft die en vind die ook goed!

  5. The eyeshadow looks good on you! Lovely colors!


  6. That eyeshadow palette is sooo cute! I have to have it!

    x Abby


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