December 6, 2014


Black and rose gold watch - Daniel Welllington (buy here) || Blue and silver watch - Daniel Wellington (buy here) 

I told you about one of the Christmas gifts I really wanted; and I got it! The black rose gold watch is finally mine.
Now I have two Daniel Wellington watches, and the collector in me wants to collect àll of them now. 
I already want to build something to put them all in, haha!

These watches make the perfect christmas gift; and you're lucky, because I have a code which will give you -15% discount when ordering one! Just enter 'holidayfashioneer' at their website.

When you order a leather watch, you get -50% off when you order a NATO strap as well (I have the blue and white NATO strap), aaand free gift wrapping! The gift wrapping looks amazing:

In short: I'm crazy about Daniel Wellington, and I never wore a watch before, but now I do.
That's the Daniel Wellington magic - which makes my christmas magical as well.

What do you think about my new watch? What are you asking and giving for christmas?

Love, Rani


  1. The watches are so classy! And your pictures are so good!

  2. loooove these pictures, and these are my favorite watches next to Larsson and Jennings! xx

  3. this is so beautiful!

  4. Oh i love your pictures, they put me in such a christmas mood. Can't wait!

  5. i want one with a pink nato strap they are so nice- abby

  6. Thanks for sharing. I hope it will be helpful for too many people that are searching for this topic..


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