May 18, 2015


It was time for a budget beautypost. And who's more 'budgety' than E.L.F? So I reviewed 12 products for you (lipsticks not even included).
Let's take a look!

These are the products I reviewed in their packagings. A bunch of different products I was really curious about. (E.L.F. is short for Eyes Lips Face by the way.)

I'm going to start with the base of the face: the BB cream and concealer/highlighter.
The BB cream smells really good and is more covering than most BB creams. You can almost call this a foundation. It's a bit shiny, so a mattifying powder afterwards is a must. 

The concealer is also pretty good for the price, it covers really well. It feels a little bit oily. I took the color 'Fair' for both the BB cream and the concealer.

I wouldn't use the highlighter above your cheekbones like normal highlighters, because it's too subtle for that. I would use it below the nose, to lift the eyebrows,... Those places where the highlighting may be more subtle.

This one is so fun to use, because it's so incredibly easy! The eyeliner and eyeshadow are perfectly pigmented. You have to see the swatches below, I love it!

The lip definer and shaper is another product that's really handy to use. The shaper is to, well, shape the lips of course. You can use it as a lipliner, so you can use it on your entire lips. It helps keep the lipstick in place. The definer is to define the lips, and can be used as a 'highlighter' for the lips.
I love this product, however I wouldn't use it on a daily basis. But for a night out it would be perfect.

The upper swatch is the lip definer, second is the lip shaper.
The swatches below are from the eyeshadow/liner. Superpigmented! 

I tried out three little brushes. A conceiler brush, a smudge brush, and an eye crease brush. 
And I have to say, they're not bad! They're a bit more rough, not so soft, but definitely not bad for the money. The conceiler brush is softer than the two eyebrushes, and one that I will be using for my fluid conceiler now. 

I love highlighters and blushes, so I had to try out these two. And I LOVE that highlighter! It's bright and shimmery, and I absolutely love it! For some it might be too shiny, but I didn't have one that shimmers as much as this one, so I'm one happy kid! The blush is also pretty, however I would actually use this color more as a bronzer than a blush. But they're both really pigmented, and I would definitely recommend these.

The eyeshadow palette, where a lot of you where curious about. The colors are pretty, and you get a lot of colors for only €12. But the upper colors are not so good pigmented, sadly. The colors below ae better pigmented as you can see. I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed by this palette. I expected way more, especially after seeing the other products, that all are so good.

I was so curious about this one! Especially because I always wear winged eyeliner, so fixing little mistakes would be great. And it works like a charm! I love this one so much! The only downside would be that it gets dirty really quick, so I don't think this pen will last long. 

They say that this setting mist is a dupe for MAC fix+. I haven't tried out the MAC fix, so I can't compare it, but I can say that this mist is refreshing and keeps your make-up in place! Jep, definitely a new one in my routine! It can make so much difference in the stay of your make-up, a musthave!

I also tried out a lot of lipsticks, but that's for another post!

BB cream in color Fair (here) || Concealer/highlighter in color Fair (here) || Eyeliner/shadow stick in color pearl/glow (here) || Lip definer/shaper (here) || Smudge brush (here) || Eye crease brush (here) || Flawless conceiler brush (here) || Baked blush in color rich rose (here) || Highlighter in color moonlight pearls (here) || Eyeshadow palette in color NYC (here) || Make-up remover pen (here) || Make-up mist & set (here) 

So I discovered ELF, and I discovered it good. My favorites are the setting spray, the highlighter and the make-up remover pen. Actually, I liked them all. The only thing I wasn't really enthusiastic about is the eyeshadow palette.

Have you ever ordered at ELF? What are your musthaves?

Love, Rani


  1. i love elf blushes, they're absolutely amazing and the shades are really nice ! you've got some great picks, those lipsticks look gorgeous and i really want to try some elf brushes x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. That highlighter looks indeed amazing! And I never heard of a make up remover pen before, sounds interesting! Need to get that!

  3. I also love that highlighter, it's such a beautiful color! All there products look great, like that make-up remover, how convenient is that. Can't wait for your lipstick post!

  4. Je moet eens de acne foundation proberen, zo dekkend en matte! Je ziet er meteen flawless uit :) het wenkbrauw palletje gebruik ik elke dag met een elf angled brush :)

  5. Heel leuke review! Ik wou er ook al eens bestellen, maar wist niet wat. Ik vind de blush heel mooi!

  6. I love the setting spray, HD powder, contouring set, their brushes, I am addicted to elf. Great products and wonderful review!! Beautiful pictures!! :)

  7. Betaalbaar & mooi: I want everything!

  8. Ziet er goed uit!
    Dat merk ga ik zeker eens testen.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  9. These ELF goodies look just as amazing as the lipsticks from your other post!
    Pieces in Pink | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  10. 'Doe keer zot' zei ze, haha! Ziet er allemaal wel goed uit!


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