May 8, 2015


Si to my dreams, si to my adventures and si to Si.

Sì alla forza 
Sì ai sogni 
Sì alla libertà 
Sì all’amore 
Sì a me stessa

This means as much as: 
Yes to the power, yes to the dream, yes to the freedom, yes to the love and yes to myself.


Si by Giorgio Armani (Eau De Parfum - €60 for 30ml, €84 for 50ml)

This is one of the only perfumes that holds a strong meaning, and actually stands for something. Giorgio Armani wants us to say yes to our dreams and adventures. Something that I really needed to be reminded of. One of my dreams is making a living out of blogging, and I feel like if I work hard enough, maybe one day I'll achieve that. But I have to say yes to that dream, and let it in. 

What is something you really want to do?
Would you like to travel, see the world? We all have different hopes and dreams, and we should all go for them. Don't just forget about them, but strive for those dreams. 

Apart from the beautiful message that Armani gives us, the perfume smells just really, really great. It's a sweet, feminine scent, which lasts for hours. The sweetness is due to blackcurrant and vanilla. There are also floral notes: rose de mai, freesia, patchouli and blond amber wood. The bottle is also lovely: simple and chic.

I actually found a new favorite fragrance, because I have been wearing it (almost) every day since I got it.

I already asked you above: what is something you really want to do? What is a dream of yours?

Love, Rani


  1. I really like that this perfume has a deeper meaning. And this one has a great scent, i love it!

  2. i'm a huge fan of Si, it's such a wonderful scent !

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  3. What a great post! Si sounds like a great scent. I love sweet perfumes. Now I need to try this!

  4. Oh, die heb ik ook pas gekocht, toevallig! Ik vind hem ook echt zalig :-)

  5. Mijn mama vindt deze heerlijk! Voor mij is hij een beetje 'te oud' .. Hij ruikt wel helemaal anders op mijn huid dan op die van moederlief!

  6. Echt een zalige geur! Heb die in Barcelona gekocht, memories 😍


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