May 6, 2015


After the blush, eyeshadow palette and kohl pencil it's time for some serious nail polish love.

Top Coat Tie Dye - 869 (€27,30)
Dior Vernis 319 Sunwashed (€27)

You have probably seen yesterdays post about the whole Dior Tie Dye collection, if not go check it out here. I already took a closer look at the blush, eyeshadow palette and the kohl pencil. Now it's time to look at the nail polishes.

If there are three colors I would never ever wear than it's orange, red and yellow. I really dislike those  bright colors in clothing. But Dior came with this milky yellow color: Sunwashed, and it simply looks so good on my nails! So I'm scrapping the never ever wearing yellow now officially from my list, because apparently, yellow can be pretty too!

There also is a sheer, red top coat that gives a tie dye effect. It's pretty too, but the Sunwashed has completely surprised me and stolen my heart. I will probably wear this one a lot this summer!

What do you think about these colors?

Love, Rani


  1. Love the tie-dye effect! Too bad it's so expensive... x Kayla

  2. Erg leuk, vind de 1e vooral gaaf

  3. Love the nail polish!! :) Gorgeous pictures!! :)

  4. I prefer the tie-dye effect, it's such an amazing effect, i love it!

  5. Echt heel mooie nagellak! Ook heel leuk met die tie-dye. x


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