July 23, 2018

NARS - Orgasm Blushes

nars orgasm the multiple

nars orgasm blush

NARS landed in Belgium 2 months ago, we can fi-na-lly purchase the brand in store! So as a little hommage to the brand and it's arrival, I'm talking about one of NARS's absolute cult products: the Orgasm blush!

nars orgasm blush the multiple review

nars orgasm the multiple review

nars orgasm review

nars orgasm review

nars orgasm swatches blush the multiple

nars orgasm swatches

NARS Cosmetics - Blush in Orgasm

The NARS Orgasm blush is one of the most coveted blushes on the interwebz, it also is one of NARS's top best selling products. And I can see why! The color is simply gorgeous. It's a warm peachy pink hue with a shimmering gold shine. The shimmers are so tiny that you don't see them separately, they just give off a stunning luminosity to your cheeks. What I also like about Orgasm is that it's a shade that suits and looks pretty on every skin tone.

As you can see, the packaging of NARS is simple, always a black and white box, minimalist and recognizable.

NARS Cosmetics - The Multiple in Orgasm

The multiple did not steal its name, it may look like a regular blush stick, but you can use this one for literally everything. It is lip safe ànd eye safe, so you can add a glow to every lipstick or top off your eyelook with some Orgasm. Or swipe it subtly over your shoulders and collar bones. (Looks so pretty in summer or on special occasions!)

The formula also is really nice, it blends very easily and well, so there are tons of possibilities to use the multiple. Best application is with your fingers, your skin warmth will allow the formula to blend perfectly.

nars orgasm blush the multiple review

NARS Cosmetics - Blush in Orgasm (€31,50)
NARS Cosmetics - The Multiple in Orgasm (€41)

NARS is now available in store at Parfuma Antwerp and online. And we are so happy about it!
Have you ever tried anything from NARS?

Love, Rani


  1. That blush looks so beautiful! Really love the tone!
    And the pictures are amazing as always.

  2. Je doet me twijfelen! Ik wilde de blush kopen, maar de stick is ook heel erg leuk!


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