July 25, 2018

Clarins - Water Lip Stain

Clarins released a new lip product that is perfect for this superhot summer weather (we're literally melting over here) - hello Water Lip Stain!

 Clarins - Water Lip Stain

The Clarins Water Lip Stains are called so because they're made with 77% water and infused with aloe vera and raspberry extract. Clarins wouldn't be Clarins if they didn't include a little skincare in their lip products (thank you Clarins). The raspberry is also mixed in the scent and it smells SO good. A berry, fruity, sugary scent that I can't get enough of. (I may be smelling it again while writing this.) With 77% water, the texture is very fluid. However, it applies easy. I would recommend getting just a little on the brush and apply it in 2-3 layers, to the color intensity you like. When applied like this it doesn't smudge or bleed into fine lines. The stain dries very quick and has a complete matte finish. Well, it has a "lip" finish, it doesn't make your lips look more matte, it doesn't give shine, it just gives you a pretty wash of color. Your lips feel bare, not like you're wearing a heavy, drying matte lipstick.

All colors can be build up, from a light 'just-kissed' look, to a very intens shade. The more coats, the deeper the color intensity. 

The stay of these stains is really good. It can survive a meal, however it may need a touch up after a bigger (oily) meal or in general after 5-6 hours. It fades overall, not patchy, with the most fading on the inside of the lips. 


On to the swatches! You can see how you can build up the color. I love a light finish to finish of a more everyday or a natural make-up look, it adds a touch of flair without drawing attention to the lips. It just looks really natural. When applied heavier it looks like a matte (not dry!) lipstick. There are 4 colors available: 01 Rose Water, 02 Orange Water and the two shades I have:

03 Red Water
A red shade with an orange undertone. When applied heavily it's really bright!

04 Violet Water
My favorite color, it's a beautiful violet/raspberry pink hue. 

Clarins - Water Lip Stain in 03 Red Water and 04 Violet Water (€21,90)

To me this is a great summer addition. Lipstick melts off in summer and this one is great for vacations or festivals - super low maintenance!

Do you wear make-up on vacation?

Love, Rani


  1. Both colors look great on you! I don’t know Which one I like the most. I really love how you can build the color with each layer.

  2. De violet vind ik er supergaaf uitzien!

  3. Wow, such pretty colours!
    I love the fact that they are nourishing as well as giving off a lovely colour.
    They both look so great on you!
    Love, Sofie

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