April 9, 2017

NEW IN/ A Tiny Shoe Edit

Ever since I got these sparkly Vans, I've been wearing them constantly. And if you're this crazy about a pair of shoes, you need to blog about them. So a tiny little 'new in' shoe edit just because of these Vans.

I picked out 2 pairs of shoes at Bent -one of my favorite actual shoestores-. First I was debating a white pair of sneakers from Tommy Hilfiger, they have been crushing it lately with their new collections. They blew a fresh wind through the (maybe a little dusty?) preppy image. But when I saw those cute, sparkly Vans I had to have them. They're actually from the kids section (go up to size 38) and my godchild got the same shoes as me when she saw them - how cute is that? We're basically twins now. 

The second pair I picked out are actually for my mom, some cute and especially comfortable sandals from Rieker. Might steal these when I'm off for a citytrip, because my Vans are cute - but not that great for walking around on all day. And these feel like if you're walking on little shoe-sized clouds, I do can see myself wearing these with a cute playsuit.

Are you as in love as me with the glittery Vans?

Love, Rani


  1. Those Vans are so cool! I think they would be great to finish off a look.
    And I love the pictures!

  2. I really do love the glitter vans :)
    They look amazing


  3. So cute that you guys have matching shoes now! I'm waiting for my godchild to be a little bigger that when he goes to school I can buy him cute shoes <3

  4. Aahw die glitter shoes zijn zo fancyy!

  5. I need those vans like I need air to breathe. So cute

  6. Die glitterende Vans gaan echt direct op mijn wishlist!


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