March 31, 2017

Biotherm - Plump & Glow

It's pink, it's from Biotherm and it should make your lips fuller and give a healthy rosy glow: Biotherm launched it's first lip balm! Let's say hello to the new Aquasource Plump & Glow balm!

Aquasource Plump & Glow

The Biotherm Plump & Glow is actually a 'naturally rosifying plumping lip balm'. A lip balm couldn't be missing from the Biotherm range, they're all about hydration and our lips are so overexposed and loose a lot of moisture during the day. Hot and cold food, moving around, the changing weather, sun, air conditioning,... Our lips go through a lot if you think about it, and a hydrating lip balm was a logical (and welcome!) step for Biotherm.

But next to rehydrate this lip balm also plumps! The moment I apply it I can feel a cool sparkly sensation because of a mint leaf ingredient. It activates micro-circulations to give a plump effect. It also contains something called Blue Hyaluron, a natural hyaluronic acid booster. A rosy blend (that you can smell btw) enhances your natural lip color.


The lip balm comes in a squeeze packaging, so I assumed it would be a pretty liquid texture, but it's really a balmy solid texture. Very pleasant. I was pretty skeptical though about the plumping effect, I always am with products like this. But there actually was a change, and the color of my lips looked more vibrant too. (Don't expect Kylie Jenner lips all of a sudden, but I actually saw a little difference right from the first use.) You can reapply the balm as often as you like.

Biotherm - Plump & Glow ($23)

Biotherm's first lip balm is what you would expect of Biotherm: great hydration. But the plumping and rosifying effect aren't a lie either, a subtle but noticeable change in plumpness and a more vibrant rosy lip color. 

Have you ever tried Biotherm products?

Love, Rani


  1. Plumping effect? Count me in! Klinkt echt als een goed product dus ik ben enorm benieuwd geworden naar deze!

  2. I love plumping products! I have some by Dior and glamglow but I really want to try this one out as well!


  3. Awh my god uw foto's zijn weer om op te eten!

  4. I haven't heard of this brand before. But, your pictures are gorgeous as always rani!! love it!

  5. I love that you can apply this as often as you like, that convinces me it's not full of dangerous chemicals!


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