January 22, 2017

Quintessence - Magnolia Nuit

I am a true candle junkie, and I love trying out new brands. Quintessence is a very young brand in the candle world, but I heard they have some great scents in their range. So I tried out their latest drop: Magnolia Nuit.

Magnolia Nuit

Magnolia Nuit, an oriental magnolia scent, is created by Philippe Bousseton.

"A woman parks her cabrio in front of her house. She gets out, the sound of her heels in the night. In the moonlight she sees how a blue bird flies away from the magnolia tree."

Top notes: mandarin, bergamot, peach
Heart notes: magnolia, jasmine, orange blossom, iris
Base notes: vanilla, styrax, musk, amber

To me the magnolia and jasmine are most noticeable, it's a very floral scent. Not something for the people that don't like floral scents, it can be overpowering. The base of vanille and amber also gives it something warm and calm. Nothing too surprising in this scent: a relaxing, warm, floral fragrance.

Quintessence - Magnolia Nuit (€57, limited edition)

Quintessence has these gorgeous little magnolia tea light holders, I neeeeed it to accompany my candle, so pretty! But since I'm not the biggest fan of floral scents I'm eyeing another fragrance to try like Figue for example. (Which is one of my favorite scents from Diptyque.)

Have you ever tried a Quintessence candle?

Love, Rani


  1. I've never tried one, but it looks amazing! And I just scrolled through their website and they have so many different scents.

  2. I love warm floral scents during winter, so cosy! I have never heard of this brand before but it's definitely going on my 'to try' list.

  3. I really want to try this out! I love the smell of jasmine and since this is very noticeable in this candle I have to have it!


  4. Love your photos, and the candle has a beautiful jar

  5. The design is sooo pretty but I don't think I would like the scent, I never seem to like overpowering floral scents!


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