December 14, 2016

L'Oréal - Advent Calendar 2016

At first I thought that this L'Oréal advent calendar was a PR only product, but when I saw a photo on Instagram indicating they do sell it, I was pretty enthusiastic! Because if it is for sale this one might be crowned as the best advent calendar this year... Let's take a peek!

The 24 Extravaganza Holiday Wishes

L'Oréals holiday wishes come in a purple, festive box with doors on all of the sides except top and bottom. A pretty calendar, and also much easier to store in comparison to the other (bigger, two-fold) calendars. 

The box contains 24 full size (full. size.) products that I'm showing below!


What's in the advent calendar?

The content of this calendar is by far the craziest compared to the others. 24 full size products, and all recent releases. A make-up selection that reaches their whole collection: lip liner, eyeliner, eye pencil, mascara, nail polish, lip gloss, nail repair, brow plumper, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeshadow quad, lipstick palette and an eyeshadow palette. 

Each day you get a full size L'Oréal treat, going from nail polish to a lip palette. A full size lip palette. (And it's a beauty, I already swatched it here!) And on Christmas Eve you get the complete 'La Palette Nude'. 

I'm definitely going to do a separate post on these products after I've tried them and I will swatch most of them for you - because they're all recent releases so I feel like a review would be pretty handy!

L'Oréal - Advent Calendar (around €90)

Just like Clarins, this calendar isn't available in Belgium (the price is also pretty similar). But seeing the contents it's worth tracking it down next year, I'm guessing "l'oreal advent calendar 2017" hits will go high in early november 2017, and it should! 

Are you as blown away by this calendar as I am?

Love, Rani


  1. There are indeed alot of great products in this calender. I also like the design, the cube shape makes it really stand out! And as always, the pictures are amazing!

  2. Good stuff! I like the Super Liner a lot.

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