April 26, 2016

The New Color Riche Products

Taking a closer look today at two new L'Oréal Color Riche lines, one for the nails and one for the lips!

Color Riche La Palette

The first new thing is the Color Riche 'La Palette' lip palette line. There are two different palettes, one with nude colors and one with only red shades. Of course I went for the red palette. The packaging looks pretty, with a gold metallic shiny casing and a big mirror inside. It also comes with a little brush of course, which is not bad - but I do prefer my own lip brush. There are 6 shades that were selected from the Color Riche range. They all have different finishes and textures: matte, satin, pearl and have different hues and undertones. 

Lip palettes are definitely making a comeback, and it is also quite handy. You can for example just mix two shades and create your own shade. The palette is also small enough to fit in your bag, so you can take it with you just like your regular lipstick. 

Color Riche Vernis à l'Huile

Next up are some nail polishes, the new Color Riche Vernis à l'Huile to be exact. This line was created because they wanted nail polished that have a deep, rich color but also have a nourishing formula. This formula has micro-oils in it, which gives the color more shine and a deeper, intenser color. Oh, and the nail polish smells 'Color Riche', just like the lipsticks! 

Aren't these bottles little gems? I love the diamond look of the bottle itself, but even the brush has a diamond-shape! The brush is quite thick and wide, and counts 440 hairs (what? wow). I have the tiniest nails and for me the brush sometimes is a bit too thick, I can't work very precisely with it.

 There are 15 shades ranging from opal white to grey and blue. Let's take a look at the colors that I have:

220 Dimanche Après-Midi

220 Dimanche Après-Midi is a very soft milky pink color. In some lighting it even looks white.

222 Jardin Des Roses

222 Jardin Des Roses is a pure spring color, fresh pink again with a bit of 'milk' in the color.

552 Rubis Folies

552 Rubis Folies is a musthave red, a classy bordeaux color that fits every occasion.

662 Moka Chic

662 Moka Chic is the most special, it's a milky mocha color, very special!

L'Oréal - Color Riche Lip Palette in Rouge (€19,99)
L'Oréal - Color Riche Vernis à l'Huile in 220 Dimanche Apres Midi, 222 Jardin Des Roses, 552 Rubis Folies and 662 Moka Chic (€9,99)
(The cute notebook is available at my webshop Beauty & Bobs for €3,95)

The lip palette is my favorite, I love the different shades in it and it's such a handy size too, unlike most other lip palettes. The nail polishes have a very pretty shiny finish, which gives them a gel-like appearance. 

Now I'm curious, what's your favoriete release: lip palette or nail polishes?
And what are your favorite colors?

Love, Rani


  1. I actually like every color of the palette! All the colors are perfect for you. And my two favorite colors of the nail polishes are Jardin Des Roses and Rubis Folies.

  2. What a gorgeous range and packaging!

    Parie x

  3. Wat een mooie producten! Leuke potjes!

  4. Dat palette is echt enorm leuk, en de lakjes zijn zo glossy <3


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