October 12, 2016

Guerlain - Fall 2016

Two more fall collections to go, and today: Guerlain!
I already spoke some time ago about the (gooorgeous) Holiday collection, but the fall collection is a stunner too. Very wearable products and colors for some everyday glam, let's take a look!

Palette 5 Couleurs

The fall 2016 collection counts 6 (!) new palettes. One with purple shades, brown shades, gold-brown-green, smokey/grey, grey/blue and brown/pinkish shades. You definitely will find a palette that will speak to you. The packaging is beautiful, no gold this time, just a sleek black packaging with an engraved 'G' button to open it. Inside you'll find 5 colors and 2 little brushes.

05 Tonka Impériale

This brown-toned palette is the perfect compagnon for everyday looks. There is only one really shimmery shade, but they all have light-reflecting pigments (that you can see on the swatches). The other colors are more matte. (Hello crease colors! I also used the second color as a crease color on the little eyelook below.) The pigmentation is decent, although the last color doesn't apply that well and is less pigmented. 

03 Coque D'Or

Coque D'Or houses some beautiful gold hues. The colors are all well pigmented, except for the last one again and the first one. It's a pity, because that emerald green would have been a showstopper. The other shades blend easily (into each other) and I used the two gold shades in the ini-mini look below.

L'Art Du Trait (& Cils d'Enfer)

Lately I have discovered my love for felt tip eyeliners. Thanks to this one, and the Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner. I was always a liquid eyeliner kinda girl, because the felt eyeliners I tried were awful. But these two made me reconsider. The L'Art Du Trait applies very easily and you can work detailed with it too. It hasn't got a really wet formula, which makes it work exactly how it should. It also lasts the whole day.

A little word about the Cils d'enfer mascara too. A long time ago I reviewed the Cils d'Enfer Volume and I named it as one of my favorites. The regular Cils d'Enfer is even better for me, because it's not as wet and the lashes don't clump together, even after a few layers. I have been trying out 5 mascara's this month, and none of those work on my lashes, except for this one. It gives length, volume and curl. A dream.


There are some new KissKiss'es in this collection too. 500 Fall In Nude is the nudest nude ever. It's really a pure nude: simply a light beigy wash of color. Subtlety at it's best. 520 Fall In Red is a beautiful and subtle red hue. They both feel soft and very comfortable on the lips.

Guerlain - Palette 5 Couleurs in 02 Tonka Impériale (€64)
Guerlain - Palette 5 Couleurs in 03 Coque D'Or (€64)
Guerlain - Cils d'Enfer Mascara (€32,75)
Guerlain - Precision Felt Eyeliner (€39,50)
Guerlain - KissKiss in 500 Fall In Nude and 520 Fall In Red (€39,50)

A really "everyday" collection: subtle, wearable lip colors - 6 new palettes and a great felt tip eyeliner. Everything to perfect your daily look.

What do you think about this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. It's such a beautiful collection! The palettes both have really beautiful colors! The Coque D'Or is my favorite of this collection. And I also really like the KissKiss, I think the Fall In Red looks just great on you!

  2. This collection looks great. But everything by Guerlain is great ;)


  3. I literally love every single product here! Stunners!

  4. Ik vind het gouden palette heel mooi. En goed om te weten dat de eyeliner en mascara goed zijn, ik kan echt niet met vloeibare werken dus een stift lijkt mij handiger :p


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