October 9, 2016

Budget Sunday Pampering

On sunday I like to photograph new products for blogposts, take some pampering time and watch Netflix. My sunday in a nutshell. But it's sunday, budget sunday, so today we're doing some budget pampering!

Refreshing Peeling

When I got this product my first reaction was YEEEES, because before I blogged about beauty I often used a Nivea cleanser and my skin was always clear. Since I started blogging about beauty too I have been trying constantly new products, so it's been a while since I purchased that cleanser because I always have products to try out and review. So when I got this, I was pretty excited. 

My second reaction was NO NO NO, I saw that the particles in the scrub were blue and perfectly round and I was pretty sure that they were plastic microbeads. Luckily, they're not! I went through all ingredients - as I always do with scrubs, I don't use products with microbeads anymore - and they're all organic. So I think the particles are made from cellulose? That's a firm ingredient that could be shaped like a ball without losing it's shape. Not too sure though.

I was so hooked on my Dior facial scrub, until I read that it contains microbeads. And this one is a worthy replacement! I tried out some new face scrubs (like from Caudalie, review up very soon) and I think this one is one of the most gentle scrubs. With a lot of particles in it, next to the little blue particles you see in the tube it also has a lot of even smaller white ones. Covered in a cleansing gel. I've loved the Nivea scrub before and I'm still loving them.

Clear-Up Strips

I also remember having a Nivea mask for the nose, a gelly sachet that you had to smear on and pull off. These clear-up strips are specially to cleanse the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). They should remove sebum, make-up rests and blackheads. 

Since the my pore-panic-scare with the L'Oréal masks, I always ask my boyfriend to try out masks first. In the box there are 2 kinds of masks: strip 1 contains a strip for the nose, and strip 2 contains a strip for the forehead and one for the chin. You have to apply these on a wet face (they're dry in the packaging) and leave on for about 10-15 minutes. Showing photos of his result would have been a bit unappetizing, but you could see that the strip had some 'pore filth', sebum and one blackhead. As a cleansing strip it does it's job really good, but specifically for blackheads I would recommend a peel off mask, that's more effective.

Natural Shower Oil

Step 3 of the pampering session is taking a relaxing shower. Autumn is here, and that means that we have to take even more care of our skin. A shower oil is always nourishing, and this one contains 55% natural oils. When you massage it in on wet skin, it becomes milky/moussy, so you can rinse it off easily.

Care Cream

And end of the ritual, usually end of the day for me before, body cream! I'm calling it body cream, but you can also use it on your face. I didn't expect that the cream would absorb quickly, because it looks so 'rich', but it does. It has the famous Nivea scent and gives a hydrated feeling.

Nivea - Refreshing Peeling (€6,79)
Nivea - Clear-Up Strips (€6,69)
Nivea - Shower Oil (€4,29)
Nivea - Care Cream (€4,49)

Even though I also use a lot of high-end products I mix and match products I like. And I'm happy that I rediscovered the Nivea scrub (in a new form that is). The other products were also new discoveries to me, and they're all really fine considering their price. I didn't find any remarks actually, just that the strips don't remove all blackheads. 

What face scrub do you use?

Love, Rani


  1. I don't use one, but I really should get a face scrub. I really love the Budget Sunday posts, the products from Nivea are always good and really affordable. And the pictures are so pretty!

  2. Haven't tried any of these. But I agree t hat Nivea is a nice affordable brand.

  3. That scrub sounds good, especially for that price!

  4. I also received this package and can't wait to test it all out!


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