September 20, 2016

Winky Lux - Light Box Illuminators

Winky Lux is an American indie brand that makes lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, a few more products aaand some fine cream highlighters. That's what i'm showing you today, all three of the light box illuminators!


The Winky Lux packaging is really pretty. The box has a beautiful floral print with the logo in gold. The highlighter itself has a (shiny) white packaging, with some gold hardware. Each light box contains a mirror too. The packaging is the same for the eyeshadow palettes for example, that same white and gold with the logo in red and also that floral box (but in a different shade). Pretty and well branded!

Swatches of the light boxes

The structure of the highlighters is quite fluid for cream highlighters. It's somewhere in-between liquid and cream, which makes it melt on the skin and perfect for strobing. I also like to use it lightly to highlight little details like my cupids bow. Just a glow, no glitters.


Lit is the white highlighter with a pearlescent silver glow. A cool toned highlighter, and my favorite of the 3 colors. 

Radiant Pink

Radiant Pink is a pink highlighter. When you blend it out, it's not as pink as you would expect - which makes it a very wearable highlighter. 

Bronze Bombshell

Bronze Bombshell has less of a fluid structure, it's more creamy. A beautiful highlighter for bronzed skin tones. Fair skin tones can use this for some glowing definition.

The Winky Lux illuminators are available at my own store, Beauty & Bobs (click here). Or if you live in the US, at their website. I like how the structure is in-between liquid and cream, it makes it the perfect highlighter for that strobed, glowy, dewy look. A nice and fresh addition to my highlighter collection!

What do you think about these highlighters? 

Love, Rani


  1. The colors of these highlighters are really vibrant. They all look great! And the floral packaging is very pretty as well.

  2. These seem great, the colours are really pretty

  3. I never heard about this brand before. But the product seems really good and omg so cheap :0


  4. They look beautiful. I'm curious.. How ever I love your blog and the layout is so beautiful. Also how your writing and all the pics. Definitely a pleasure to read and visit it :) .

  5. Those make me want to step up the highlighting game. WOW. so pretty!!!!


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