September 21, 2016

Guerlain - New Lingerie de Peau

Two weeks back I went to a Guerlain workshop where we tried out the fall collection and the brand-new Lingerie de Peau foundation, along with new concealers and a new foundation brush. And it's safe to say that I found some new holy grail products!

The Foundation Brush

I never used a foundation brush actually. I mean, I have foundation brushes, I have plenty of foundation brushes, but it always resulted in something that I find too patchy, too covering, too unnatural. My go to materials were my Beautyblender and... my fingers. But -sound of church bells- I found a holy grail brush!

This new foundation brush from Guerlain is called 'The Foundation Brush' and it's true - it just is thé foundation brush. Never have I been more impressed with a brush, and not just the design, I'm talking about the effect and application. This brush has a dense head, that isn't completely flattened like a buffer. It's also not too dense, the hairs still move along with the movements you make. It takes up the right amount of product and keeps it on the head instead of sucking it in. The result of making circular motions is a gorgeous, natural finish. (And that design: a soft pink handle with gold hardware and peachy pink hairs, yes please.)

The new Lingerie de Peau foundation

Another product that I'm absolutely loving. I can't compare it to the previous formula, but this foundation is pretty much thé one if you're looking for a light coverage (that can be build to medium) that looks natural - like a second skin.

The foundation comes in a scale of 6 tones in 3 undertones: cool (pink), neutral and warm (yellow). So there are 18 shades in total, going from very fair to darker skin.

The photo above was shot after the workshop, and you can see that the result is very natural. I used about two pumps for a light coverage. The foundation also isn't dewy nor complete matte, it has a natural appearance. After wearing it for a day there were no (dry) places that the foundation accentuated, I'm very pleased with this foundation!

Multi-Perfecting Concealer

The multi-perfecting concealer is called so because it camouflages dark circles, spots and pimples but it also blurs. The concealer also is available in 2 undertones (cool and neutral/warm), which makes 6 shades in total. 

The concealer covers well and can be build up. It doesn't crease under my eyes (which is why I don't like to use liquid concealers, they tend to crease often). It's a good concealer, but the two releases above blew me away. 

Guerlain - The Foundation Brush (€48)
Guerlain - Lingerie de Peau Foundation in 02N Light and 03N Natural (€56,50)
Guerlain - Multi-Perfecting Concealer in 01 Light Warm, 02 Light Cool and 03 Medium Warm (€36,50)

The brush is one of the best brushes I've ever had. I have other high-end brushes, and compared to those this one just really is worth the money. (Also just in general, worth it.) The foundation is truly one of my favorites so far, I love a light natural looking coverage.

Do you prefer a light, medium or full coverage?

Love, Rani


  1. The pictures are so pretty! The design of the brush is beautiful and the color of the foundation looks really natural on you!

  2. I've heard only good things about the foundation so I'm definitely interested in trying it. And the brush sounds lovely!

  3. Mooie foto's <3 En alles klinkt fan-tas-tisch!

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