September 17, 2016

Discovering Dermalex

It's been a while since I introduced a new brand, but I got a package from a brand called Dermalex. I actually never heard of the brand before, but it's a 100% Belgian brand that is created by pharmacists and dermatologists. I love pharmacy brands as they're usually no-nonsense and just really good for an affordable price, so let's take a closer look at some of these Dermalex products!

Shower Cream 

The Dermalex Shower Cream is a mix between a cleansing showercream and a nourishing, hydrating body cream. You have to apply it on wet skin and rinse it off afterwards. The cream makes my skin feel soft, it contains many oils like: sweet almond oil, olive oil and evening primrose oil. I love how easy to use it is, it's perfect for when I don't have the time to do a full routine with lotion or cream afterwards. And this way I also feel hydrated and soft. The shower cream is one of my favorites.

Shower Oil

The shower oil reduces the dry feeling and itch after a shower because of dehydration. The formula contains a high level of glycerine (9%) and mango oil, evening primrose oil for example to keep your skin hydrated.


The bodylotion has a very light and fluid texture again enriched with the evening primrose, glycerine and allantoin. Because of that light and very fluid texture it's quite different from most bodylotions I've tried. It smears out well and gets instantly absorbed, leaving no greasy layer.

Dry Oil

The dry oil is suitable for face and body. It contains 6 oils (evening primrose, macadamia, avocado, jojoba, almond and calendula), which makes it rich in lipids to restore the skin. The oil absorbs well (even better than some of my face oils). I use it mainly for dry spots like my elbows, but I also like to use it on my legs.

Body Cream

There are 2 versions available of the creams: Pure Moments (fruity, sandal wood and jasmine) and Pure Moments Limited Edition (vanilla, roses and white musk). The LE is by far my favorite, it has a warm scent that I really enjoy. (The perfume is hypoallergenic by the way!)

The creams are enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter, which protect against sun, cold and wind and melt at body temperature. The creams also contain (yep, again!) evening primrose oil, canola oil, vitamin E, omega 6,...

It's a really buttery, soft body cream that melts on your skin and hydrates well. Together with the shower cream my favorite Dermalex products.

Dermalex - Showercream (€8,99)
Dermalex - Shower Oil (€10,99)
Dermalex - Bodylotion (€11,50)
Dermalex - Dry Oil (€16,95)
Dermalex - Body Cream (€9,99)

The products are all dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin, they have a skin neutral pH and hypoallergenic fragrance. And also important: not tested on animals!

The price/quality ratio is also good, so if you're also a fan of pharmacy brands, these are definitely worth checking out.

Love, Rani


  1. It's really affordable and the products look great, I've never heard of Dermalex before but it's seems to be a really interesting brand!

  2. they look like great products!! gorgeous pictures rani!!

  3. Fijn om een 100% Belgisch merk te leren kennen, support your locals enzo! ;-)


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