September 5, 2016

Sun Protection For Your Hair

I always stress the importancy of using a sunscreen, but repeated or long sun exposure doesn't do much good for your hair either. UV-rays are pretty aggressive and can damage your hair, that's why more and more brands are coming out with sun protective products.
Perfect to beat the heat!

Redken Color Extend Sun

The sun's uv-rays attack both skin and hair. The effects on hair are: decoloration, dehydration and damaging of the cuticles. And the result is dry and fragile hair, something I recognize. 

Redken's solution is the Color Extend Sun line. A range that works with something called 'Interlock Protein Network', which delivers proteins to the core of the hair to repair the strength. It also uses 'Hydra-Shield complex' technology, which bonds UVA/UVB filters, mango oil and ceramids onto the hair fiber to protect/strenghthen/repair the hair.

After Sun Shampoo

What does it do:
- Protects highlights and color thanks to UV filters
- Removes minerals, salt and chlorine
- Gives back shine to the hair

After Sun Conditioner

What does it do:
- Protects the hair in the sun
- Detangles hair
- Helps strengthen and revitalize hair thanks to the Interlock Protein Network, Hydra-Shield Complex, mango oil and ceramids
- Gives back shine to the hair

You can best leave this conditioner in for about 5 to 15 minutes for best results (but I feel like thin hair can get fuzzy when you leave it on long).

L'Oréal Solar Sublime

The L'Oréal Solar Sublime range focusses on 3 zones:
1) Zone A:
The layer of lipids that suffers from UV-rays and oxidation. Hair loses its shine.

2) Zone B:
The UV-rays also attack the 'intracellular concrete' that holds together the cuticles. Because of this, your hair is more sensitive to temperature changes and it becomes porous.

3) Zone C:
UV-rays also affect keratin, in the heart of the fibers. Which makes hair easy to break because it loses elasticity and strength. 

The technology that this line uses is based on pracaxi oil and EMC filters. Pracaxi oil is ultra-nourishing and rich in antioxidants. The oil repairs the layer of lipids after sun exposure and protects the fiber by providing new fatty substances. The EMC filter is a "photo-protecting" surface to prevent oxidation caused by UV-rays. 

Solar Sublime Shampoo

What does it do?
- Intensive cleansing and nourishing. (Preventing dehydration by sun/salt/chlorine.)
- Specially formulated for sensitive hair or hair with highlights. The formula cleanses the hair fibers and offers a nourishing treatment which makes your hair look more healthy and radiant.

Solar Sublime Mask

What does it do?
This balm offers intense nourishment after sun exposure. The formula with Mexoryl S.O. focusses on the damaged areas and covers the fibers. You have to leave this masker on for about 2-3 minutes before you rinse it out thoroughly. 

Solar Sublime Spray

This spray is a very light leave-in formula, also with Mexoryl S.O., that protects the hair during sun exposure. The formula forms a shield against the dehydrating factors. You have to spray this during, or even better before, sun exposure. Pay special attention to the lengths and tips. 

Redken - Color Extend Sun After Sun Shampoo (€22,40)
Redken - Color Extend Sun After Sun Conditioner (€24,50)
L'Oréal Professionnel - Solar Sublime Shampoo (€15)
L'Oréal Professionnel - Solar Sublime Mask (€21,80)
L'Oréal Professionnel - Solar Sublime Spray (€17,20)

My favorite products definitely are the L'Oréal mask and shampoo and the Redken shampoo. I prefer the L'Oréal mask over the Redken conditioner, because it did that tad 'more' for my hair. Both ranges smell nice and summery by the way, that's worth mentioning. They also made my hair feel especially soft.

What I also like about these products is that they are not only designed against sun damage, but also to rinse out salt/chlorine. Chlorine and salt are instant dehydrators who make your hair feel (and look) like hay, so it's perfect to take with you on vacations.

Does your hair suffer in summer?

Love, Rani


  1. It really is important to take care of your hair in the summer, great to see that both these brands have products like this. And the pictures are great, as always!

  2. Heel handig artikel.
    Ik heb vaak last van kapotte punten en dof haar in de zomer


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