August 31, 2016

La Mer - Cleansing Micellar Water

Hi again friendsies! 
Whew, I took a little (unintentional) break from blogging, because I was overwhelmed with work. We just launched clothing at my online store (go check it!) - so I have been very busy. In the meantime new releases kept coming in of course, so get ready for a lot of news! 
Let's start today with one of my favorite high-end brands, La Mer. They released a micellar water, and I love La Mer and micellar water - so I was pretty pumped to try it out!

The New Cleansing Micellar Water

The sea has always been La Mer's number one inspiration. The 'science side' of this micellar water are positive and negative water ions from deconstructed waters, which created the new technology that's used for this product: the Marine Micelle Waters. The well known La Mer miracle worker, Miracle Broth, re-mineralizes, hydrates and renews, in one step.

As with all micellar waters, no soap is needed for the cleanse. This powerful sea cleanser micro-emulsifies makeup, and sweeps away impurities and pollutants, while delivering hydration and soothing properties. Just put some on a cotton pad and sweep it over your face, neck and eyes. When you're done (and nothing comes off anymore), you don't have to rinse.

Oh and a little word about that packaging - doesn't it look pretty? Some La Mer products speak less to me packaging wise, but this one looks quite fancy! It also easily dispenses the water.


The La Mer micellar water is completely different from all the micellar waters I have tried yet. The formula feels much thicker and less 'watery'. It also feels a tad sticky when done. The La Mer micellar water cleanses really well. Really well. I'm always surprised by the amount of 'filth' on the cotton pad, and I feel like this micellar water gets everything off. When I checked with some other cleansers afterwards, nothing more came off. 

My skin also feels cleansed and nourished afterwards, a soft and clean feeling.

La Mer - The New Cleansing Micellar Water (€85)

So the main question here: is this micellar water really worth €85?
I personally think that it really depends on personal taste and aspects. It depends on if you love La Mer, if you can afford to repurchase this product every once a while (no skincare or make-up product is worth hurting your bankaccount for),... If the answers are yes, than this product is ab-so-lu-tely something for you. Because this micellar water does exactly what it should do -it cleanses really well- and more, it also rehydrates and leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft. It became a vast part of my routine, I use it in the morning and evening.

Do you use a micellar water?

Love, Rani


  1. The pictures are really amazing! And I'm very happy that you found the time to blog again.

  2. A micellar water will never be worth 85 EUR for me.

  3. Currently using one from Avène but I'm going back to Bioderma soon!

  4. Gorgeous pictures rani!!! I have yet to try any the micellar water. Great review.:)

  5. Die is te mooi en te duur om te gebruiken haha ! Gewoon op de kast zetten en naar kijken ^^

  6. Hmmm. Klinkt héél erg goed, maar voor een micellair water lijkt het me een beetje too much. Dan liever een crème van La Mer, lijkt me dan een betere 'investering' :-)

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