September 27, 2016

How to: Invisible Man Photography

I looooove photographing my beauty posts. Oh and get ready - because very soon it will be all holidays and christmas o' clock! What I also really like is making inspirational collages. In clothing collages you probably have seen that they're always styled in a way that it looks like  someone is wearing it, except there isn't. That's invisible man photography and I'm going to show you how I do that!

Getting a good mannequin

To me, the most important and time saving thing was getting a good mannequin. I bought the mannequin above at Bleijenberg. This one is especially fit for invisible man photography because it doesn't pose (legs and arms are straight down). You can use a cheaper mannequin, but pay attention that the arms or legs aren't in a pose, because otherwise your pants/t-shirts will look pretty weird with one leg shorter/bend for example. 

The main reason why I got this particular mannequin was that it has parts that you can remove! You can simply leave out the neck, so you can see the backside of the clothing immediately. It saves an incredible amount of time in photoshop. There are some pieces that you still have to do in the classic way, pieces with a high neck for example. Then you have to photograph the front, turn the mannequin, put the shirt on the back inside out, photograph that, then cut out the mannequin from the photo and put these two images behind each other in photoshop.

The images above are all shot by me - looks quite professional don't you think? Oh, and I photograph in front of something that hasn't got too much details, so I can more quickly cut out the clothing in photoshop. This is a super cheap shower curtain from Ikea. All secrets unraveled! 

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Mannequin from Bleijenberg

So that's how invisible man photography works.
If I didn't got a mannequin with a neck that can be removed, I would have spent hours longer photoshopping. It's so easy, so good that these exist!

Now I'm curious, did you like this post? Ever thought about how images like that were shot?

Love, Rani


  1. Love this post! A mannequin like this is such a great invention! If you also have to turn every piece you're shooting for your webshop inside out and trying to piece the two pictures together, you would have so much work! This saves you alot of time and the pictures of your webshop look really professional. It's something that every webshop should invest in!

  2. Wat leuk om te lezen, ik wist niet hoe ze dat deden, grappig!
    De pop is erg handig inderdaad!

  3. That is so awesome!! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know that is how it was done


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