June 7, 2016

Mugler - Angel Muse

A new Mugler fragrance, new bottle, new codes: a shock wave is shaking up the Angel galaxy. Let's take a closer look at the newest Mugler Angel, Angel MUSE.

Angel Muse

The breakthrough « cosmic pebble » 

Angel MUSE breaks away from Angel’s regular creative codes: a cosmic pebble bottle, with perfectly smooth curves. It is formed by an elliptical silver metal ring reminiscent of the organic dimension, metallic details and streamlined lines of the fashion style designed by David Koma over the past two years. 

No blue, but a soft, amber pink shade -almost nude- the evocation of a “surface of Mars” color, echoing the subtle gourmandise of Angel MUSE and the alchemy between fragrance and skin. 

A futuristic gourmandise

After Angel, Angel MUSE reinvents the genre around an explosive and highly addictive hazelnut cream and vetiver duo. On one hand, an overdose of attractive and appetizing hazelnut cream, on the other, vetiver, one of the finest woody notes in the perfumer’s palette, elegant and magnetic. The gourmand family is expanded and enriched with the first 'vetiver gourmand' for women. A polarizing scent: pure Mugler. 

Top notes: grapefruit, pink pepper
Heart notes: hazel nut, whipped cream, rose
Base notes: vetiver, patchouli

Mugler - Angel Muse (€69,49 for 50ml)

I can't say how Angel Muse relates to the other Angel fragrances, because this is actually my first Mugler perfume. But I can see why the Mugler fragrances are so loved, they're original and you can't confuse Angel Muse for another fragrance, it has a very characteristic, unique scent. Warm, feminine, daring, a mature scent.

Are you a fan of Mugler's fragrances?

Love, Rani


  1. I can't say if I'm a Mugler fan or not because I don't know the scent of their perfumes. But I really like the bottle of this one. It's so unique!

  2. I think I'd like this. I love the original Angel.

  3. At first I like the scent of the grapefruits but afterwards it is just another 'angel' perfume to me :/
    But I love the Bottle!!!


  4. beautiful bottle. I remember trying one of the other mugler perfumes and it was soo awful. I accidentally sprayed myself with it and It lingered. it was alien or something like that. Gorgeous pictures Rani!!!


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