June 28, 2016

Essie - Spring '16

For Essie's Spring 2016 collection Rebecca Minkoff takes us to Antigua. Antigua is a city in Guatemala with a beautiful, colorful landscape. A warm city where you immediately are a part of the 'couleur locale'. Going to the market to buy fruit or handwoven tribal printed fabrics, discovering the culture and history,... That's what this collection is about. The shades also represent the lively colors of the local flora: green mountains, rainforests, waterfalls,... 
Let's get inspired and take a look at the full collection!

Coconut Cove

"Get lost in the freshness of this creamy white before discovering the colorful paradise."

The first nail polish is a creamy white color that covers in 3 layers. It's actually pretty good for a white nail polish, I always have troubles finding one that doesn't apply streaky, bubbly or sheer.

Berried Treasures

"The richness of this ruby red is legendary - and fully yours."

Berried Treasures applies a bit more difficult because it's more liquid than the others. It's a very bright, hot pink color. (2 coats)

Hiking Heels

"Rule over the highest fashion mountains with this lava red."

Hiking Heels is a bright orangy, lava red. (2 coats)

Viva Antigua!

"Viva Antigua! is a beautiful turquoise color with a iridescent crystal shine." 

This one definitely is my favorite of the collection, it's so original and it's a true summer color. The beautiful shine and little sparkles really complete the 'Viva Antigua!' picture. (2 coats)

Loot The Booty

"Loot The Booty is a charming and shiny sapphire blue."

This is my second favorite color of this collection, sapphire, night blue and again that beautiful shine. (2 coats)

Tribal Text-Styles

"Tribal Text-Styles adds a boho touch to your look thanks to this onyx with black and gold sparkles."

This nail polish feels different from the others when applying it, a metallic feeling. Not bad, just different. Two coats cover perfectly. 

Essie - Spring '16 (€12,49)

This Antigua collection is colorful and gives you an instant summer vibe. My favorites are definitely Viva Antigua! and Loot The Booty, I love their beautiful shine. 

What's your favorite color?

Love, Rani


  1. Coconut Cove is er eentje voor mij! Supermooi!

  2. My favorites are Viva Antigua! and Tribal Text-Styles, they are two very original colors. Viva Antigua! is a perfect color for the summer and Tribal Text-Styles is something you could wear all year round.

  3. The shades are pretty but somehow they don't really draw me in. I guess I'm missing a peachy coral ;-)

  4. Turkoois is al jaren een favoriete kleur dus Viva Antigua! is ook zeker mijn favoriet uit deze collectie.


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