June 15, 2016

Dior - Instant Gentle Exfoliant

Today I'm sharing one of my all time favorite scrubs with you. I purchased this a few years back, and I have been repurchasing it constantly. I never switched to another face exfoliant after this one - but I did find out something that makes me reconsider this scrub while writing this review. 

Doux Gommage Express / Instant Gentle Exfoliant

This exfoliant contains Pure Lily extract that activates the cellular renewal. This is essential to the skin's vitality and radiance while preventing sensations of overheating.

You can use this up to 2-3 times a week, but I only use it once a week. The scrub contains fine grains that aren't too aggressive on the skin. This is the reason why I keep using it, it isn't too harsh and it makes my skin feel purified and very soft. 

Dior - Instant Gentle Exfoliant (€34,90)

I purchased this when I wasn't blogging about beauty yet, and while writing this article I saw that the fine grains are actually micro beads of silica. This is the only downside to this (amazing!) scrub. I'm not too keen of plastic for my routine, so I'm thinking I'll have to look for another Dior exfoliator that doesn't contains micro beads, but natural grains that aren't harmful to nature. It's a pity, because this scrub is incredibly good!

Which face scrub do you use?

Love, Rani


  1. Really beautiful pictures! Too bad that you have to stop using one of your favorites, but Dior will probably have a great range of products to replace it.

  2. Currently using a philosophy one! Love the scrub but hate the bottle haha :D

  3. Yeah lately I've been trying to avoid micro bead scrubs t o.

  4. I totally agree, I'm trying to avoid the scrubs with silica. http://www.exfoliate.com/dior-instant-gentle-exfoliant-review/


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