May 1, 2016

Jo Malone - Nashi Blossom

Petal pop. Spring bursts into pristine white blossoms. Soon to become succulent nashi fruit. The sweetness of pear with a crisp bite of apple. Bright with mouth-watering lemon. Vivid juices streaming over nashi blossom, voluptuous rose and softest white musk. In a unique bottle inspired by the nashi flower. Playful. Radiant. Efflorescent.

Meet the new Jo Malone London limited edition fragrance!

About the Nashi Blossom

Look at this cute limited edition packaging! It has black and white dots, which resembles the nashi flower which are pure white with black stamen creating an amazing polka dot effect. It has a very modern, graphic and fresh look don't you think? The metallic green cap is the finishing (nashi) touch.

Nashi tree is actually a pear tree which grows in East Asia, nashi also means pear in Japanese. Traditionally its blossom symbolizes the start of spring and it’s a common sight in gardens in the countryside. The nashi tree has a very unique fruit which is something like a cross between an apple and a pear. It's juicy, sweet and crisp and is often given as a gift or served to guests and eaten together in a family setting.

Tasting Notes

 This blossom scent is particularly juicy, joyful and radiant. 
At the same time it’s elegant, sophisticated and very Jo Malone London.   
– Fabrice Pellegrin, Master Perfumer

Top notes: lemon

Heart notes: Nashi Blossom

Base notes: White musk

The fragrance opens with citrus brightness which brings the juicy freshness to the scent. The heart of nashi blossom also has a hint of rose. White musk in the base brings modernity to it and also adds a kind of softness. 

This blossom scent smells fresh, young and happy. But at the same time it's also elegant. But I do have to say that this isn't Jo Malone's most 'original' scent. Normally nothing comes even close to a Jo Malone fragrance, they are incredibly unique. Nashi Blossom however smells familiar, there is (or maybe even are) a fragrance(s) that resembles this scent. Don't get me wrong, it smells delicious, but I think layering it would give it that Jo Malone uniqueness. - Nashi Blossom can be layered with Nectarine Blossom & Honey for a fruity floral scent. Or you can wear it over Dark Amber & Ginger Lily for a woody floral fragrance, sensual with amber yet bright with blossom. -

Jo Malone London - Nashi Blossom (€53 for 30ml, limited edition)

Jo Malone's newest Nashi Blossom is a very spring/summery fragrance, it's fresh, soft and happy. I think non-Jo Malone fans (wait, do these even exist?) will also love this new scent because it's really something everyone can enjoy. Personally I'm also very curious how it will smell mixed with Dark Amber & Ginger Lily. 

Nashi Blossom is available from today.
Do you like the limited edition bottle too?

Love, Rani


  1. I like the bottle, it's something I didn't expect from Jo Malone but it's a really cute and pretty bottle. And the pictures are so beautiful!

  2. I have it too and I rrreally like it! I agree, it's a very happy fragrance.

  3. This fragrance will be my mothers kind of smell. I don't like 'lemony' fragrances myself.
    Maybe I'll buy this one for Mothersday :D


  4. I have never had a Jo Malone scent, am I missing out? :o

  5. Jo Malone heeft altijd zalige geuren! En ik wil deze al gewoon voor het flesje! :-p


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