April 30, 2016

Essie - Spring 2016

essie spring collection 2016 review

essie spring collection 2016 review

essie spring collection 2016 review

The Essie Spring Collection 2016 takes us to the Sunshine (State Of Mind). Shades On, because I'm taking you to Florida!

essie spring collection 2016 review

Rebecca Minkoff -the global color designer- her favorite place is Florida, especially Palm Beach. Now that winter's over, we're all open for a Sunshine State Of Mind. Let's go Off Tropic and just enjoy the sun and waving palm trees in the wind (with your Lounge Lover?). The little ones are having fun at the pool and the bigger kids enjoy the Pool Side Service. After a day in the sun, let's spoil ourselves with some shopping. Palm beach is a High Class Affair, the perfect place for all things fashion. Shades On!

The new Essie shades are a mix between fashion forward and retro-glamour. They represent the spring vibe at fancy places like Palm Beach

essie high class affair swatches

High Class Affair

A bit of decadence, a load of luxuriousness. Blushy nudes are always in style, especially in spring. The formula covers perfectly in 2 coats.

essie lounge lover swatches

Lounge Lover

Lounge Lover is a peachy pink - fresh, happy, springy!

essie sunshine state of mind swatches

Sunshine State Of Mind

Sunshine State Of Mind is a orangy orange (okay, this sounds weird) with a hint of coral. A beachy color and the most vibrant of this collection. This one covers in only one layer.

essie shades on swatches

Shades On

This purple-blue-violet shade is pretty unique, and one of my favorites of this collection. Covers in 1/2 coats.

essie pool side service swatches

Pool Side Service

Ooh, Pool Side Service looks so pretty on the nails! I wasn't very enthusiastic when I first saw this shade, but now it definitely is my favorite. A color which you don't really think about when you think of spring, but looks so 'Palm Beach fancy'. Fan!

essie off tropic swatches

Off Tropic

Dark green for a spring collection? Hmm... This color is actually in the collection for nail art, to cover your nails in a tropic palm tree print!

essie spring collection 2016 review swatches

essie spring collection 2016 review swatches

Essie - Spring 2016 Collection in High Class Affair, Lounge Lover, Sunshine State Of Mind, Shades On, Pool Side Service and Off Tropic (€12,49)

My favorites of this collection are Shades On and Pool Side Service, both such original colors. In about 2 weeks the summer collection will already be available, and I can tell you that it's very pretty. I'm starting to love Essie more and more with every new nail polish I add!

What do you think about this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. I think the collection is pretty but I have three favorites: Shades On, Pool Side Service and Lounge lover. These colors look great and they are perfect for spring.

  2. Ik vind het zo'n fijn merk! Ziet er goed uit!

  3. Ze zijn zo mooi :D ik wilde poolside service kopen omdat alle nagellak in de aanbieding was bij kruidvat maar had deze collectie nog niet gezien :O

  4. Wauw wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt! Het is ook een onwijs mooie collectie! xx

  5. Oh wouw, ik kan niet kiezen! Je hebt me ook al nieuwsgierig gemaakt naar de zomercollectie! :-p

  6. Shades on is such a perfect colour!

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  7. I've been loving colours like High Class Affair lately, the coverage seems great though! Off Tropic looks great on your skin tone!


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