April 24, 2016

Collistar - Firming Rich Oil

This monday I received this oil and after being ill my skin was, felt and looked dehydrated. I couldn't use any of the creams, gels and oils that I have because I couldn't stand the overwhelming scents when I was sick. So when I got this I immediately tried it out - and oh boy! The reason why it's already up in less than a week? Because I love it!

Collistar always had a special love for body care and specifically for anti-cellulite body care. The Firming Elasticizing Rich Oil  combines the firming effect of Collagener and the elasticizing effect of 100% pure and natural Sicilian sweet almond oil. The oil is full of vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and essential fatty acids. It not only nourishes, moisturizes and elasticizes, it's also effective in preventing skin slackening and stretch marks. Hooray! And it even helps combat skin aging and boosts the skin's self repair process because it promotes tissue cell turnover.

The oil comes in a plastic bottle with a green (weird looking) spray cap. You can use the oil on dry skin for intensive firming and massage it in or you can use it on wet skin and then rinse it under the shower. This is more of a fast treatment.

Collistar - Firming Elasticizing Rich Oil (€36,50)

But why did I only tried it out for less than a week and am I already writing about it? Because I love it! The first thing you notice when you use it is the sweet almond/vanilla-ish scent, not overwhelming, not chemical - very natural and relaxing. My skin looked better after the first use and didn't felt so dry anymore. The oil gets immediately absorbed with me, it doesn't feel sticky at all. (That means something, I'm raving about an oil and remember how many times I've said that I don't like oils?) 

After multiple uses I could see a difference in my stretch marks. The only thing that worked is La Mer - which is a tad expensive for stretch marks, so I'm happy to found a replacement that actually works and is affordable. (And I have tried out so many stretch mark products.) Conclusion: skin looks better, is moisturized and the oil smells heavenly. I use it on my legs, arms and even stomach - there already is a lot out of the bottle. I think I can use it for about 8 maybe 10 weeks.

Have you ever tried Collistar skincare?

Love, Rani


  1. It's good that you finally found an oil that you really like! That it doesn't feel sticky after using it and that it smells like sweet almond is great!

  2. Ik vind de verpakking er al uit zien, handig in gebruik ook! Klinkt als een erg goede olie!

  3. I am a really big collistar lover.
    Glad you finally found an oil that does all the things you like ;)


  4. Oh wow, I never would have thought this could actually do something for stretch marks! Even old ones?


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