July 29, 2015


Let's talk about a little miracle worker of mine, the moisturizing lotion of La Mer.

This moisturizing lotion is one of the most well known La Mer products. It's one of the little bottles that immediately pop up in my head when I think of the brand. 

La Mer has a few different moisturizers, who are actually not so different at all. There first was the iconic Crème de La Mer, an ultra-rich cream with a dewy finish. And later La Mer expanded the moisturizer range with more finishes and textures to choose from. BUT: the ingredients are all the same. (Remember the Miracle Broth?) It's the same Crème de La Mer goodness in each bottle, but in a different form. These are the options:
- Crème de La Mer: ultra-rich, dewy finish
- The Moisturizing Soft Cream: smooth, luminous finish
- The Moisturizing Gel Cream: ultra-light, velvet finish
- The Moisturizing Lotion: lightweight, satin finish
- The Oil Absorbing Lotion: Oil free, matte finish

I went for the Moisturizing Lotion, because it's lightweight. 
The packaging is fully white, with only a touch of color in the La Mer logo. Simple, but it works. It's a pump packaging, handy! I prefer pumps over tubes when it comes to moisturizers. It's much more hygienic. 

There are so little reviews about this product, so I thought it would be helpful if I shared my experiences with it.

The application is different from other moisturizers. You first have to melt the cream between your fingers. When it's melted and clear (like the left side of the swatch), then you can pat it into your face. Yep, pat. Not just smear, but really pat it in gentle motions.

I have tested the product very thoroughly, and it's the richest cream I've ever tried. It feels very, well just rich! It feels nourishing and hydrating. It's a perfect lotion for dry skin types. You can use it up to two times a day, and use it on your face, neck, even eye contours. I usually use it twice a week, or when I feel that my skin needs some extra love.

But next to that, I secretly discovered that it works miracles with stretch marks. I have some stretch marks on my legs, I have had them for years, and I even get new ones regularly. We don't know why, but I got them even when I was a size 32. Just very sensitive skin I suppose. After a couple times of using it and feeling how nourishing it was, I was a little curious if it would maybe make my skin more elastic there. But what I noticed was that the red stretch marks immediately turned less red. I was so surprised! I have literally tried a dozen products, and nothing seemed to help, that's why this is a miracle worker. If it can do this to my stubborn striae, it's a little hero in a bottle.

La Mer - The Moisturizing Lotion (€212 for 50ml)

Yes, I'm happy with the lotion. I almost feel like it's a crime to use such a product also for striae, but I use the tiniest bit and only for the red ones. (Better?) I remember something about another La Mer product that works for stretch marks, and if a moisturizer has such a great effect, I'm insanely curious about what that product does...
Maybe to be continued?

Have you ever tried a La Mer product?

Love, Rani


  1. I'm sold - I will eventually start using this very product. There's really nothing like a great facial moisturizer and if it works wonders on stretch marks I wonder how it fares as a preventative measure when used daily, slathered over the stomach for expecting mothers? Very interesting!

  2. I'm very curious about this product! I've heard so many great things about it.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful moisturizer! I prefer pump bottles too. Gorgeous photos Rani!!

  4. Mijn mama heeft de illuminating eye gel, en die is zo goed. Ik ga haar deze ook eens tonen denk ik. :-)

  5. La Mer <3 Lijkt me echt een heel fijne crème! Jammer genoeg iets te duur voor de portemonnee van deze arme student ;) En och ja, elke vrouw krijgt striemen, no worries, ik heb allang opgegeven me er op te focussen en ze te vervloeken. Wel fijn om te lezen dat deze crème helpt!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

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