March 27, 2016

Essie - Retro Revival

It's been a while since I swatched an Essie collection for you and I know that these are posts a lot of you like to read, so finally - another Essie collection! The Retro Revival collection that is, and hold on, because I found some new favorites in this line!

The Retro Revival collection is not just a collection. The Retro Revival collection celebrates Essie's 35th birthday with a throwback throughout the years. To fully get the picture let's take a little trip down memory lane. 

Essie Weingarten started her label 35 years ago in Las Vegas, with all the glitter and glamour and dazzling nightlife. Showgirls and casino customers instantly fell for the original Essie shades. So for this unique collection the caps of the bottles are decorated with gold stars - a reference to the iconic vintage signboard from the Stardust Casino on The Strip. 

This collection captures some amazing Essie moments in 6 colors. Pearl, transparent, rainbow,... every hue promises a sparkling night. 

The first color I'm showing is Birthday Suit, one of the original 12 shades. Isn't that cool? It was created in 1981. It's a delicate nude, with a sheer side. On the swatch are 2 coats - 4 coats and the color isn't sheer anymore, but I don't like to wear more layers than 3. It doesn't dry as well and sometimes get a bit bubbly.

Cabana Boy is not only an awesome blush, but it also is a gorgeous color by Essie created in 2005. I love this color so much, it's an extra cool pearly white, but also has a hint of grey/lavender in it. I know I will be wearing this one so often this spring and summer.

Next on is Sequin Sash, a pure glitter bronze hue. It was also designed in 2005 and is very sheer. Sequin Sash can also easily be used as sparkly top coat.

A nice pink color couldn't of course be missing, Bikini With A Martini is a girly pink color with a pearlescent effect. It came on the market a year later than the nail polishes above, in 2006.

Life Of The Party is one of the shades that I adore, it's the perfect pearly pinot noir and it released in 2002. This one is a musthave. The color is wearable in any season and it covers completely in two coats.

If you're into Essie nail polish you will know this one. It's Essies Starry Starry Night which was made in 1985. And it's been on the tongues of nail polish lovers (and bloggers) ever since. This one is the real musthave from this collection, because it has been one of the most wanted shades Essie has ever created. And if you want one, be quick, because it's already sold out on a lot of places. 

The shade is a night blue dark color and can you believe that the first time I used it I actually got a bit quiet? It looks like a midnight sky with a thousand stars. A little less than 100 years ago Vincent Van Gogh painted his famous The Starry Night (De Sterrennacht) and Starry Night Over the Rhone (Sterrennacht boven de Rhône), which you can see above. It has the same feeling, that mysterious, quiet look which makes you hold your breath. 

Essie Retro Revival Collection in Birthday Suit, Cabana Boy, Sequin Sash, Bikini With A Martini, Life Of The Party and Starry Starry Night (€12,49)

My favorites of this collection are without a doubt Starry Starry Night, Cabana Boy and Life Of The Party. The other shades are so pretty as well, and I can see why Essie brought these back in this collection. They're all timeless and the formula is as always really nice to work with.

What's your favorite shade of this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. It's cool that they brought back their classic colors for their 35th birthday. And Starry Starry Night is indeed really pretty! Life Of The Party looks great too, those two are my favorite colors of this collection.

  2. Starry Starry Night is ook mijn favoriet! Leuk idee om de eerste lakjes opnieuw in een collectie te steken!

  3. Hi there,oh my what gorgeous colours nails. I haven't used essie for long.

  4. Starry Starry Night definitely stands out for me, pretty!

  5. Cabana Boy vind ik mooi, maar Starry Starry Night is toch wel de topper! Héél mooi!

  6. I love this collection so much, especially Cabana Boy and Starry Starry Night <3

  7. Buiten life of the party vind ik de kleurtjes wat tegen vallen! Goede review wel!

    x Karen

  8. I want the starry night!! Gorgeous pictures rani and swatches!


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