February 18, 2016

YSL - Boho Stones

The Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2016 Boho Stones is one of my all time favorite YSL collections. I'm going to show you two of my favorites of the collection today. 

The collection is based around the free, sensual, feminine but also spiritual woman. The YSL woman. She has that touch of boho - and that's what this collection is based on. 

The collection has two eye-catchers: a pink and a green palette with a marble/stone print. The green palette is called Indie Jaspe and is inspired by the colors of jaspe. A hint of green, a hint of blue, it is a gorgeous palette. There are also two pretty nail polishes, some colored Faux Cils mascaras and a new product called Fusion Ink Blush. But we're keeping it all pink today and we're going to take a look at the Gypsy Opale palette and the Love Pink nail polish.

The Face Palette Collector in Gypsy Opale contains 4 enhancing powders, for a radiant complexion.

And this palette is a stunner. 
YSL palettes are always pretty and original, but this takes it to a whole new level. It's pink, it has a marble/stone print and a sturdy gold metal casing. It also has a mirror inside, which always comes in handy, because I usually take my face powder with me on the go. 

The powder has 4 colors: green, lavender, soft-red and yellow. Each color has it's own function. Green is an anti-redness color, lavender takes away the dullness, the red color gives a blush and yellow is a highlighter. On the swatches you can see that the highlighter has little shimmers in it. I prefer to use them all together, as a finishing powder. You can compare the effect to Guerlain's Météorites, it's subtle but it's there to finish of your look.

I normally don't get excited for nail polishes, but this one is and looks verrrrry pretty. The 69 Love Pink polish has a slightly green holographic effect in it. You can see it clearly in the right light, but I couldn't really catch it on photo. The other nail polish from this collection is green, with a pink effect.  

YSL - Face Palette Corrector in Gypsy Opale (€64,50)
YSL - La Laque Couture in 69 Love Pink (€27)

Boho Stones is a gorgeous collection and I couldn't help it, I fell for it. The palettes are both stunners, they're definitely one of the musthaves of the Spring 2016 collections!

Love, Rani


  1. I really like the color of the nail polish! But the palette looks just amazing, that marble print is one of the coolest packaging I've ever seen.

  2. Wow die nagellak is prachtig! Mijn make-up wishlist voor de lente wordt echt eindeloos lang.

    x Karen

  3. So pretty!! Looks like a great polish and the palatte is just beautiful. Wonderful post!!

  4. Prachtige foto's, en ik ben echt helemaal verliefd op het palette, prachtig! Het groene palette lijkt me ook mooi!

  5. Prachtige verpakking, echte juweeltjes!

  6. De verpakking van het palet is prachtig!

  7. YES ik heb nog geen finishing poeder wat een goed excuus is om er deze te gaan halen hihi!

    x Hanne


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