February 17, 2016

Guerlain - Spring Glow

3 products, 20 photos. Whoops! 
I just can't resist Guerlain's charm, their products are always on point. Today I'm showing you the new Spring Glow collection!

There are 6 products in this collection, of which I'm reviewing 3. My two favorites are the Météorites Voyage and the Météorites Base (yes, I'm still collecting these - they are amazing). Well, what can I say? The Météorites Voyage looks incredible beautiful (here). This is exactly why Guerlain is (one of?) my favorite high-end brand. 

The products that I'm reviewing today are the blush, eyeshadow and kohl pencil.

Look at this beauty! 
The famous gold Guerlain packaging has a red, metallic limited edition packaging. Quite a surprise to see a product this colorful in Guerlain's collection. But the box matches the message perfectly, 'smile'.  It comes with a little brush with pink and red hair, cute! It looks playful, colorful and definitely has that spring vibe. 

There are two colors of blushes, a red-pink and a subtle pink one. Personally I like to mix them together. For the swatches you have to scroll a bit down, because I swatched all of the products on one photo. The last swatch are the two colors mixed together. They are well pigmented, not too much. And a nice detail: it has the Météorites violet scent that I love so much. 

Kohl pencils aren't usually that exciting, but there are a few things that I love about this one. Firstly, it comes with a sharpener, which is always very convenient. Secondly, it has the pencil on one side, and a little applicator on the other side - which makes it very easy to smudge the eyeliner. 

The formula is very creamy. And I wouldn't say that it is the longest lasting pencil I have, but it's definitely one of the most comfortable I have. It feels light, and goes on very easily and smooth. And because of the smoothness, it's also perfect to tightline. 

I love the Ecrin 1 Couleur eyeshadows. Yes, let's be honest, the packaging is a big reason why. In the Spring Glow collection we get a rose gold limited edition, and it's stunning. (Remember my blogpost of the regular gold ones? I just started beautyblogging back then.) Just like the blush, the eyeshadow also has a happy imprint, this one says 'Enjoy'.

The color of this LE is buttercup yellow, definitely a spring color, but not something I would wear on a daily base. The formula is silky and the pigmentation is okay, but the other Ecrin's that I have are slightly more pigmented. 

And the swatches, I swatched them all together.

The swatches of the blush are: red blush, pink blush and a swatch of the two mixed together (and that's how I like to wear it).  

Guerlain - Rose Aux Joues in 17 Smile (€60)
Guerlain - The Eye Pencil, Kohl in 01 Black Jack (€27)
Guerlain - Ecrin 1 Couleur in 13 Enjoy (€35)

Guerlain did an amazing job again. The collection has a happy, positive vibe and the colors get you fully in spring mood. Now I just need to find €147 somewhere, so I can get my hands on the gorgeous LE Météorites Voyage haha! 

Love, Rani


  1. The packaging is so beautiful, Guerlain did a great job! And I love the words printed in the blush and the eyeshadow.

  2. That blush absolutely stands out for me, suuuuch a little jewel!

  3. Gorgeous collection, I looked up those meteorites and i can see why your so crazy about it! Beautiful!

    xx C.

  4. Wow die blush is prachtig.

    x Karen

  5. This collection is so pretty! Guerlain also made a new lipstick line and new nailpolish, they are very good too!
    You as a guerlain-fan should give them a try ;)



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