February 7, 2016

Clinique - Pop Color (Part 2)

Clinique added 8 new colors to the Pop Color range a while ago, and today I'm showing you two of them: Party Pop and Raspberry Pop!

Do you remember my first post about these lipsticks? You can read it here. A little recap: these lipsticks have a built-in primer. They are very pigmented, and the finish is demi-matte according to Clinique. However I find them quite creamy and would label them as a satin finish. They apply very easy and smooth. 

The 8 newly added colors are:
Papaya Pop, Party Pop, Raspberry Pop, Rebel Pop, Sugar Pop, Blush Pop, Kiss Pop and Mocha Pop. 

And I love these colors! Party Pop really is a party, with it's bright pink popping color. Yet it's still wearable. Raspberry Pop is amazing. A color that's right up my alley: a pure raspberry red. I absolutely love it.

Clinique - Pop Lip Color + Primer in 19 Party Pop and 24 Raspberry Pop (€20)

As you can see Raspberry Pop fits right between Berry and Cherry Pop, so this was a color that was really needed in the Pop collection. Party Pop is a very original color. Paired with the creamy texture of the lipsticks, these are one of a kind. 

What's your favorite, Party - Cherry - Raspberry or Berry Pop?

Love, Rani


  1. My favorite is the raspberry pop, but the other colors look great too! And the packaging of these lipsticks are really pretty as well!

  2. From the new colors I bought myself blush pop, but if I had to chose out of these two colors I would pick party pop :D
    I adore these lipsticks because they last such a long time :o


  3. Party Pop is so pretty! I love the Clinique Pop formula, I am wearing Bare Pop right now.

  4. Party pop vind ik echt zo een mooie en unieke kleur! Net een snoepje

    x karen

  5. Those are gorgeous colors!! Beautiful pictures!!


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