June 10, 2015


I can finally show you guys another two new lipsticks (do I have a problem?): the new Clinique Pop lipsticks!

These are the two I will be reviewing: two red shades, one bright and one dark.

Let's talk packaging!
The packaging is one of a kind, and you immediately associate the lipstick with the packaging. Say pop, and the image of this boxy case -pops- right up.
The case is actually quite small compared to most of my high-end lipsticks. The top is silver with Clinique on it and the bottom is the color from the lipstick. So handy!

The first color is Cherry Pop, and it's part of the tawnies/coral family. The second one is Berry Pop and this one belongs to the Violets. These two are the ones that spoke most to me on the website. But it's so difficult to choose online! Because when I had the chance to take a look at them in store last week, I fell for lipsticks I hadn't even thought about on the website. Also, at first glimpse I thought my Berry Pop looked (in real life) more like Cola Pop on the site. But when I wore it, it got more red - than on the casing - and it looked exactly how I expected it to look.


You can see that the lipstick is very well pigmented and thick. They both have demi-matte finishes. Despite that it's demi-matte it applies smoothly, this is probably because of the primer. The color stays as popping as it is throughout the day. It also feels great and non-drying, it really moisturizes.

So what's my conclusion? I love these popping lipsticks. Another two gorgeous colors from this line are Love Pop and Punch Pop (I need these). Oh, and did you know they have Cheek Pop's too? Definitely on the wishlist now!

Talking about my wishlist, Clinique is a label that I recently got to know better (a skincare post will soon be online!), and I honestly love it already. I really want to try some more of their new products, like their new long-lasting matte lipstick. Maybe I'll review them, who knows. (My wallet knows, that's who.)

Do you like these colors? And what do you think about the finish?

Love, Rani


  1. That finish looks gorgeous! So shiny! Love them, and have been wanting them ever sine they came out!

    x Lisa

  2. The Berry Pop looks great! I just looked on their website and the Punch Pop is really beautiful!

  3. these look absolutely amazing, love the darker red!

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  4. Vooral de donkere kleur spreek me aan! Deze ga ik eens proberen!

    x Karen

  5. Ik vind ze beiden super, en ik heb de twee andere ook even gegoogled op swatchen en die zijn ook prachtig!

  6. Beautiful photos, love the colors and clinique is such a great brand.

    xx Falasha

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  7. I love Clinique skincare. The Super defense and total turn around were some of my fave products. The lipsticks you have are so pretty! Beautiful pictures Rani!!! :)

    1. I have some Turn Around products that will be reviewed soon, haha!

  8. Lijken me best langhoudende lipsticks! En het zijn ook mooie kleuren!


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