October 5, 2015

My Trip To La Roca Village

You probably have noticed that I spent some time in Barcelona. I was there to visit La Roca Village and their Barcelona Designers' Collective. And to shop of course!

Our flight was delayed for an hour, and two when we wanted to go home. So we have spent a lot of time browsing the airport shops. Barcelona has a really pretty airport by the way!

We also met the two other bloggers: Sylvia from Germany (check out her blog here), and Anneli from the UK (check her blog). Two great girls, with great blogs!

When we finally arrived, we went straight to our hotel. It was Hotel Murmuri, and it was a really good hotel! Our room was pretty (I didn't got any photos, only of the lobby), and we had a gorgeous view from the balcony. 

Then we had time, for about two hours, to explore the city. Our hotel was located right where I wanted to be: the prettiest stores like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, but also Sephora and Zara. There was so little time that I didn't even went to Sephora and Muji, two of the stores I really wanted to visit. But I did went to Chanel and I found the prettiest bag ever. It was literally love at first sight. But who caries that much money around for a two day trip to Barcelona? Not me.

The streets of Barcelona are pretty, and it has a lot of stores that we don't have in Belgium (Saint Laurent for example), it was so nice to finally walk in the Saint Laurent store and actually see and feel the bags. (Now I know what's on the wishlist, and what's not. Kidding, everything is!)

Oh, and I shot all these photos with my new Nikon 1 J5. It's very handy to have a smaller camera with you when you're running around in a city!

La Roca Village, the place where we actually came for. We have a similar spot in Belgium, called 'Maasmechelen Village', and it even looks a bit similar! I love shopping at Maasmechelen Village, so I was happy to be at La Roca. 

La Roca Village is stunning. It's like a little village, but filled with nice stores. I love that they pay attention to all the little details, cute ice-cream carts, flowers everywhere, benches, the gorgeous colors of the buildings,... All these little things make it a beautiful place. (It is also exceptionally clean!)

When I browsed their website, I was amazed by how many brands there are located at La Roca! One of my favorite brands, Sandro, also has a store in La Roca, so of course that was my first stop. And I found three pieces at Sandro.

These are the pieces I got. I got an oversized sweater (okay, it's just a bit too big) but I feel like it can be worn a bit loose. The dress is stunning, those sleeves, the hem, love it! I also got a top with a print in black and white and an outfitpost with it will be online this week.
I love how Sandro uses different textures and fabrics in their clothing and still maintains that minimalistic look. 

(Apologies for the crappy photos, outfit posts will be soon online with all the details!)

That evening the pop-up store in La Roca village of the Barcelona Designers' Collective was opened. The objective is to discover, promote and support new talents with a committed and entrepreneurial approach, supported and mentored by La Roca Village. This year the BDC is curated by the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design). 

There were 50 talents, all with their own brand and a commercial vision. They all worked in different disciplines. From fashion and accessories to homewear, to posters and magazines,... In total there were 200 products in the pop-up store. The store will be there until 8 November. 

If you have the opportunity to go, I would definitely go take a peek. The store is filled with talent and amazing designs. The prices are also very affordable for your own piece of design.

We had dinner at a place that was completely open. We got a blanket, a glass of champagne and it was so cosy, looking at the Barcelona beach, the waves and the pouring rain. 
A great way of ending the day.

The second day we also didn't have much time. My boyfriend remembered that he did got his card with him, so we rushed to Chanel to get my bag. I'm so happy, my first Chanel. I have been craving one for years! 

Needless to say that this was a great trip. A very busy one, but we had a great time at La Roca Village.

Love, Rani


  1. It was a really nice trip! Barcelona is such a beautiful city and I really liked the pop-up store. And the new Nikon takes great pictures!

  2. Fijn dat we het weer via snapchat en instagram konden volgen, ik ben heel benieuwd naar de Sandro outfits!

  3. Oh wauw! Ten eerste: super mooie foto's!
    Het doet me inderdaad wat denken aan Maasmechelen Village. Echt leuk dat je hier naar toe bent gegaan :) Barcelona is gewoon altijd zalig <3

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  4. Gorgeous photos rani!!! Love the clothes from Sandro!! I love their stuff. So many classics pieces. Yay on your chanel bag!!!

  5. What a pretty place! Would love to shop there!

  6. Ik ben benieuwd welke Chanel tas je gekocht hebt! Showen!!!

    x Karen


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