October 18, 2015

Zoeva - Mixed Metals Palette

I love Zoeva palettes. They are among my all time favorite palettes: great pigmentation and hardly any fallout. And I recently got a new one, the Mixed Metals palette!

The packaging is as always pretty. A cardboard packaging (the price is very low, so I don't really mind) with a print of some metallic shades. One of the prettiest Zoeva palettes! 

The palette houses 10 shades as usual, 10 metallic shades. Metallic is my favorite finish, because they are easy to work with and are often highly pigmented. The colors look very promising, but it wasn't until I swatched them that I fell completely in love. The top row has the more brighter colors, the bottom row has the 'smoky' darker and cooler colors. 

The part that says it all: swatches!

The pigmentation is amazing, just amazing. There is almost no fallout when you apply the eyeshadows and the colors shimmer beautifully. 

I was most curious how the top row would come out because the shades are so colorful. Would they be suitable for everyday use, or only for parties? I tried making a softer eyelook and that works like a charm, you can just dab a little color in the outer corners of your eyes and that makes it perfectly wearable. The colors are pretty, but even prettier in real life, the photo and light doesn't catch the swatches that well. The bottom row took me by surprise. How gorgeous are those swatches? That vibrant blue shade, the grey one and that special platinum which shimmers so pretty. These are definitely colors that I will use a lot. 

Zoeva - Mixed Metals Palette (€17,50)

What can I say? I just want all of the Zoeva palettes now. (Yes, I know, I really have a thing for collecting whole lines of pieces I like.) I have so many palettes, but I choose Zoeva very often when making a look. 

Ooh, and a little Zoeva news: there will be a new palette available 26 October! A very pretty one, full of taupes called 'En Taupe'. There will also be a new taupe brush kit and I might have to get my hands on these two new releases. The brushes look amazing and I'm just very curious about the taupe palette because the colors are all taupe-ish, will it be as good as the other palettes? Very curious!

What do you think about this palette?

Love, Rani


  1. that palette looks absolutely divine, the shades are super gorgeous!

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  2. Really beautiful colors! I think Ore Stone is my favorite or maybe Platinum. I can't choose, this palette is really pretty.

  3. I love the blues !!! Gorgeous swatches and pictures rani!!

  4. Wat een prachtig palette en swatches, wow!

  5. This one is gorgeous! And the price is amazing as well! x

  6. Oh waw wat een mooi palet, ook goede pigmentatie.

  7. Echt zo'n mooi herfst palette en ze hebben ook een goede pigmentatie! Top!

  8. Ik weet niet of het kleuren zijn die ik vaak zou gebruiken maar qua vormgeving ziet dat palet weer top uit! :D Mooi hebbeding!


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