October 19, 2015

Burberry - My Burberry

A year ago this fragrance came out, My Burberry, a fragrance inspired by the iconic Burberry trenchcoats. With a scent that reminds London, I just had to review it!

The bottle looks very cute. A small little boxy shape with a bowtie around the neck of the bottle and gold accents. The color of the box reminds of the color of the coats and the little ribbon is made out of the same fabric as the trenches, from a factory in Castleford, Yorkshire. Now, that's paying attention to the details! The cap is big and has a tortoise-like print, it resembles the Burberry buttons. 

Isn't this exactly the bottle you would picture laying next to your Burberry trench? Elegant, timeless and yet playful with the bowtie. Knowing the story behind it, I like it even more.

Top notes: 
Sweet pea and bergamot.

Heart notes: 
Geranium, freesia and quince.

Base notes:
Patchoulie, damask rose and centifolia rose.

The designer of the scent is Francis Kurkdjian. (I actually own a few other fragrances made by him, some Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab and Acqua di Parma. All soon on the blog.) He was inspired by London, an urban garden as he call it. The flowery aspect of the perfume comes from the idea of a garden after the rain. Earthiness, lush wetness, do you know what he means? I can really imagine a London garden after the rain. The main flowers bring spice and brightness and geranium gives a herbal hint to the scent. The fruit is quince, which he calls very British and not fruity-fruity but fruity-floral. 

Burberry - My Burberry (€44 for 30ml)

I personally am not the biggest fan of flowery scents, but I do like this one because of the fruity touch. I think it's quite a complex scent for such a light fragrance. None of the notes dominate the fragrance and I had some difficulty to even guess the notes when I first smelled it because it forms a whole. 

I could write more about this fragrance but in sum: a warm, elegant and mature scent with a very pretty bottle. 

Have you ever tried a Burberry perfume?

Love, Rani


  1. The bottle is really beautiful! The bowtie makes it look really classy!

  2. Prachtig flesje! En die beschrijving van de geur maakt me heel erg nieuwsgierig!

  3. De geur klinkt heerlijk en het flesje ziet er ook erg mooi uit!

    x karen

  4. Gorgeous photos & such a cute bottle.

    Lily x

  5. I love that scent!!! So pretty!! :) gorgeous pictures rani!!!


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