October 31, 2015

Bobbi Brown - Sterling Nights

bobbi brown sterling nights eyeshadow palette holiday collection

bobbi brown sterling nights eyeshadow palette holiday collection

bobbi brown sterling nights eyeshadow palette holiday collection

A few days ago I showed you a sneak peek of the Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights collection, the brand-new holiday collection. But today I'm discussing the pretty eye palette in depth with you, every little detail!

bobbi brown sterling nights eyeshadow palette holiday collection

The Sterling Nights collection exists out of this palette, the sequin eye shadows (that I showed you in this post), a gel liner, verrrrrry pretty highlighters and a few new lipsticks. Unlike the other holiday collections (the next one is coming this tuesday) I'm not showing you the full collection, but this palette is also definitely worth your time.

Points for the packaging! The palette is fully plastic, but the sturdy kind. The front is decorated with the Bobbi Brown logo and 'Bobbi Brown' written in white. A typical Bobbi kind of packaging, simple and representing the brand's philosophy. 
The inside houses 9 shades and a big mirror.

bobbi brown sterling nights eyeshadow palette holiday collection

The colors in this palette are:
Ivory: an ivory tone with matte finish.
Moon Glow: a beige shimmer wash.
Thistle: a metallic beige.
Dove Grey: a matte mauve.
Pink Moonlight: a metallic soft pink.
Smoke: a brown shimmer wash eyeshadow.
Midnight: a dark brown tone with gold sparkles.
Caviar: a black matte.
Pewter: A dusty gold chrome eyeshadow.

9 holiday themed eyeshadow colors. You have everything you need in this palette to create a perfect holiday-look. A soft nude look, a dark smoky eye or a glittery festive eyelook - you can create so much different looks with these 9 shades. 

At the Bobbi Brown Masterclass Madilon taught us a festive, yet wearable look with this palette. She used a matte color all over the lid (I think it was ivory or dove grey) and brought it up to the eyebrow bone. A darker color was used in the crease, and after that thistle or pewter were applied lightly all over the lid again. You know me, I'm a fashion and beauty blogger, so of course I like to play with make-up. I went for a slightly more festive/dramatic look by putting smoke in the outer corner of my eye and blend pewter all over my lid. It really is a pretty combination. The blogger next to me said 'Wow, you're making it intense!', but I know that a lot of you guys appreciate some strong eye looks, Linda Hallberg-style. (It was nothing like that tho, it was wearable to work.) Back to Madilon's look, she used Caviar to tightline and slightly blend it onto the eyelashes. This really gave a nice effect, so definitely try this out with a black eyeshadow next time! She topped the look with a small wing. A pretty, wearable look. For the holidays it isn't difficult to glam it up if you have Pewter in your palette, that shade is simply pure glam.

bobbi brown sterling nights eyeshadow palette holiday collection swatches

bobbi brown sterling nights eyeshadow palette holiday collection swatches

Swatches, the photos that say it all.

The colors are all well pigmented, except for Pewter. Pewer is phenomenal pigmented. I have tried each color wet (fix+), but it doesn't make much difference in terms of application or pigmentation. 

My favorite is (you probably guessed it) Pewter! But I also really like Thistle and Pink Moonlight. I'm a metallic fan and I love heavily pigmented shadows. Caviar looks more brown on the swatch, but  that's because that part is faded. It's just plain black when you apply it. 

Bobbi Brown - Sterling Nights Eye Palette (€76)

The palette is definitely a stunner, but it's not very cheap. If you're planning on purchasing an high-end palette, this is one you need to consider. But either way I would recommend to go swatch it at your local Bobbi Brown counter. See if the colors fit you, if you like the formula and maybe even ask if they'd like to apply it on you. The Bobbi Brown ladies will do this with pleasure.

What do you think about this palette? And the full collection?

Love, Rani


  1. Great pictures! I really like the colors of the palette, but I think I like midnight the most.

  2. Omg! This palette is really my kind of this! I always melt for nude'ish colors so I have to have this :D

  3. Bobbi Brown slaagt er iedere keer weer in om een prachtige collectie/palettes te lanceren. Dit palet is ook weer prachtig!

  4. Gave foto's en wat een prachtig palette zeg, WAUW!

  5. Supermooi palet! Zeker eentje dat ik zou appreciëren, alsof ik nog niet genoeg nude tinten heb, haha.


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