October 26, 2015

Bobbi Brown Masterclass

Last week I went to a Bobbi Brown Masterclass and it was as exciting as it sounds. So today I'm taking you on a tiny masterclass and give you some sneak peeks of the brand-new collections.
(I want to apologize for the terrible photos, I didn't have my camera with me, so these are all iPhone shots. Sorry guys!)

The Bobbi Brown headquarter looked beautiful, all set for an afternoon of make-up fun. A few very lucky ladies were invited to this masterclass. (Do you recognize some of them on the photo?) We got a lot of information that day, first about Bobbi herself. Did you know that most of the campaigns (like the new one) were shot in her house? That's Bobbi's couch, bath tub, living room,... you see in the photos! How cool is that? 

Hello, gorgeous new collection! The holiday collection is named Sterling Night collection and it's inspired by Bobbi's latest trip to South Africa. Those four sequin eye shadows are inspired by the bright, starry South African night sky. The eyeshadows look amazing, but knowing that, they even look better. I can just see the night in them. These are amazing and I would love to add these to my collection. Another product that I really, really like are the new (limited edition) face highlighters. They're liquid and come in the black (pump) bottle that you see on the photos. One is very bronze, one is pink and one is 'seashell', a stunning highlighter. I want this one so bad, it's definitely in my top 5 beauty Christmas wishlist! The Sterling Nights Eye Palette probably has caught your eye too and good news, because I will do a review (with swatches of course) about this one very soon!

After discovering the new collection and hearing all kinds of new things about the brand it was time for some playing around with the make-up. Make-up Artist Madilon Bos works for Bobbi Brown, is crazy talented and taught us every make-up trick we didn't knew yet. We worked with the Sterling Nights Eye Palette and it really is versatile: a nude look for work? No problem! A shimmery smoky eye for a party? Also no problem! 

The tray with products are the most popular Bobbi Brown products and one of those completely stole my heart: the shimmerbrick in 'beige'. You know how many highlighters I have and I absolutely loved this one. It's beautifully pigmented and yet subtle, I nééd this one. 

Bobbi Brown is opening a store in Antwerp and if you want to do learn all the tips and tricks, you can also follow a workshop in the store. There are a lot of little workshops, but also bigger ones, up to 4 hours! These are comparable to the well known MAC workshops: you can trade in the money that you pay for the workshop for products, so it's actually free!

We all wrote down something that we think of when we hear 'Bobbi Brown'. I went for 'Pretty Powerful', because Bobbi says that every woman is beautiful, but with the right make-up she can be pretty powerful too!

The Antwerp Bobbi Brown store will open 29 October, so only a few more days! Perfect timing with the holidays around the corner. Wishlist-, but also gift material! Definitely looking forward to visiting the store.

I want to thank the sweetest Delfien for this amazing Bobbi Brown day and Madilon for her make-up expertise. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the masterclass! 

Do you like Bobbi Brown?
And if you live in Belgium, are you excited for the store? Are you going to take a peek?

Love, Rani


  1. It looked like so much fun! I'm really curious about your post of the eye palette.

  2. Wow die oogschaduw is echt prachtig! Als mijn huidige blush op is, ga ik zeker eens Bobbi Brown proberen. Leuk dat de winkel in Antwerpen net voor mijn verjaardag opent ;-)

    x Karen

  3. Ik ben nieuwsgierig naar de highlighter, en die mono's zien er ook mooi tui!

  4. Looks like so much fun!!!! THe collection looks gorgeous!!!!

  5. Wat een geweldige hapjes zeg en ziet er ook superleuk en leerzaam uit.

  6. Dat zag er een gezellig dagje uit! Leuk verslag.


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