October 13, 2015

Bobbi Brown - Intensive Skin Serum

I got a package with Bobbi's #1 Beauty Secret, I was very curious and turns out it the secret is the new Intensive Skin Serum line. I tried out the foundation, a corrector and a concealer!

These are PR samples, so they don't perfectly match what I would have chosen, but that's okay. It's all about the Bobbi Brown experience and letting you guys know everything about the products and my experience! 

The Intensive Skin Serum Foundation is one of my favorites that I tried out in quite some time. It has a weightless feeling on the skin and it looks so natural and fresh. And, very important: it has a SPF 40!

It's a hybrid foundation, a fusion between skincare and make-up. So let's talk about the skincare part which makes this foundation stand out. The ingredients are Cordyceps Mushroom (tonic used in Chinese medicine), Bamboo Grass Extract and Lychee Extract. What do these ingredients do? Re-energise, restore the radiance, boost the moisture, firm, lift, smooth and repair barriers. In sum: it's a foundation that acts like a nourishing serum too.

That packaging by the way! I absolutely love it. If I had to design a foundation bottle, it would probably look something like this, very pretty! It has a special applicator, a 'dropper', and I like this so much better than tubes or even pumps. This lets you take exactly the amount that you want. Perfect!

You can see the texture on the swatches (one swatch, another one above blended out). The foundation has a very light texture and feeling, but it stills covers too. 

Thé Bobbi Brown beauty secret are the Intensive Skin Corrector and Concealer. These are again hybrids and have serum like ingredients: Indian Tree Root, Cordyceps Mushroom and Bamboo Grass Extract. 

These corrector and concealer are made to defend you against dark circles, to re-energize the skin and to boost moisture. 

How to use it:
Step 1: Step 1 is of course the corrector. I have a bisque shade (pink) that is perfect for blue/purple discoloration. If you have brown/grey discoloration peach shades are a better option. (I think I would have gone for 'Peach'.) You can see on the swatches how well the concealer and corrector cover, yet look natural. 

Step 2 is concealing. This speaks for itself, conceal everything you want to conceal with a concealer that matches your skin tone. I personally prefer a shade that is one or two hues lighter than my foundation, because I also use it for an highlighting and brightening effect. I would have went with something like 'Sand'.

The packaging is typical Bobbi Brown. My first thoughts were "Yay lipsticks!!", the packagings do look very similar! A black minimalist tube container, but these have pretty gold plates on top with the Bobbi Brown logo.

Bobbi Brown - Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 in 3.5 Warm Beige (€55)
Bobbi Brown - Intensive Skin Serum Concealer in 3 Light To Medium Bisque and 7 Warm Beige (€44)

The concealer and corrector are lifesavers for people who struggle with dark circles. Especially because you can pick pink shades. 

The foundation is definitely worth the money. I like it a lot. It's the perfect foundation if you're looking for light coverage, serum features and a satin finish.

Which foundation, concealer and corrector do you use?

Love, Rani


  1. The packaging looks great! It's so classy. And I like how they combined skincare with make-up!

  2. Wow wat een mooie doos! De foundation lijkt wel perfect van structuur! Ik ben benieuwd om het zelf eens te testen.


  3. Oh wat een prachtige producten, en wat een luxe stralen ze uit!

  4. De concealers lijken zeer goed te dekken op foto! Wel jammer dat ze wat duurder zijn. De foundation ziet er inderdaad ook heel erg mooi uit.

  5. Wat een mooie productfoto's heb je gemaakt! Lijken me ook hele fijne producten!

  6. Ik denk dat ik die foundation eens ga proberen, mijn huid is nu door het koude weer wat te droog voor mijn andere foundations. Wat is eigelijk je favoriete foundation?


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