September 1, 2015


inglot peach or plum collection

Inglot has a brand-new collection called "Peach Or Plum?".
There are four new colors of Sleeks Creams and a matching eyeshadow palette in this collection, and I'm going to show you everything in this post!

inglot peach or plum collection

inglot peach or plum eyeshadow palette

inglot palette swatches

Let's immediately jump in with the palette.
The palette is a freedom system palette (I also have a bigger one, which I showed you here), and you know that I love this system. If one of the eyeshadows is empty, you can just replace it in the palette with a new one. 

There are two matte eyeshadows and one 'shine'. The eyeshadow with the 'shine' finish has a glittery overspray, the eyeshadow itself doesn't glitter as much. Like the name says, it has a shiny finish and is highly pigmented. The two mattes are completely matte and still very pigmented. Inglot eyeshadows are among my favorites because they're so easy to work with. They blend easily and the pigmentation is really good. 

inglot sleeks cream

inglot sleeks cream swatches 101 107 108 109

The Sleeks Creams are new for me, so I was very curious about these. 

I think the packaging is pretty cool, they look like little test tubes. That was the first thing I noticed, and I also love that the tube is see-through. If you have a bit of make-up, searching for colors can be very annoying. (And when you have a lot, you even forget which colors you have. Guilty.) 
It has a doe foot applicator, my favorite.

The glosses smell so, so good. I can't explain how, but I like it a lot. As you can see on the swatches, the colors are very pigmented. Yesterday I showed you some sheer glosses that were well pigmented (for a sheer gloss), but this is a whole different level of pigmentation. 

They feel creamy and not too sticky. When I got these I thought my favorite was going to be '109', but I really like '107' on the lips! 

Inglot - Freedom Palette (€30 | €9 empty palette, €7 eyeshadow)
Inglot - Sleeks Cream Lip Paint (€11)

A little, but pretty collection. Both of the products are great in my opinion. 
Peach or Plum, perfect to end the summer with.

Have you ever tried the Inglot Sleeks Cream glosses?

Love, Rani


  1. Beautiful collection! The palette and the lip glosses look great. I also like the test tube packaging, it's really special. 107 and 108 are my favorites of this collection, they're so pretty!

  2. Ik ben niet zo'n fan van lipglosses, maar de oogschaduw vind ik er erg tof uitzien! :)


  3. Ik vind vooral de paarse oogschaduw enorm mooi!

  4. Oh wauw wat een toffe kleuren! Oogschaduws zien er echt mooi uit!

  5. Wauwieee dat donkerpaars is zo mooi <3
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  6. Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt! Ik vind het palette heel mooi, vooral het paarse kleurtje :) xo

  7. Great review and gorgeous pictures as always rani!! Shade 108 is my fave of the bunch! :)

  8. Dit is echt een geweldige collectie, hopelijk is ze er nog als ik naar Polen ga!


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