August 19, 2015


 A whole post about hand creams and taking care of your hands.
And more, I'm introducing a new brand: Hand Chemistry!

My hands never were a priority for me when it comes to hydrating. I never really thought about other things than hand creams, and as you know: not at all a big fan of hand creams. 
But I recently discovered Hand Chemistry. As the name wouldn't suspect, the brand doesn't only work around hands. The product I got is for body and hands. 

Just yesterday I told you about the hyaluronic acid in the Guerlain Roselip, and today I have a pump full of it for you! Hyaluronic acid is not only used for fillers, but it also has a very hydrating effect. Normally this is very expensive, Hand Chemistry is one of the only brands that have jars this big of hyaluronic acid. The product has a gel formula and contains 5 active technologies from marine and plant sources. 

The packaging is unique, and typical Hand Chemistry. The bottle looks nice and clean, but I would have gotten a smaller pump, it makes the bottle a little out of proportion. 

So, what did I experience?
The gel does not have a scent, so you can even use it under your perfumed body cream. What's very important to know: a little goes a long, long, long way! I use about the size of a pea for both of my arms. Now that's something! 
At first the gel felt very sticky, but the stickiness disappeared in about half a minute and after that my skin felt amazingly soft. I never had any hand/body cream who made my skin feel so soft. It also hydrates well. I usually use it on my arms (because they feel so soft then!) and for dryer areas like my knees and elbows. 

I almost never have any budget products on the blog, so I decided to throw in a few today. Here are three cheap hand creams from Yves Rocher, Nivea and Douglas.

Nivea smells like Nivea, the typical scent. Not bad! But Douglas smells the best in my opinion, it's a summery scent that everyone will love. Yves Rocher hasn't really got a present scent, it's almost not noticeable. 

You can see on the swatches that they all have a different texture. Yves Rocher is the thickest and Nivea is more runny. But they both have in common that they're sticky. And I really dislike that in a hand cream. In every cream really.
Douglas came out as the big winner of the three hand creams because it smells the best (in my opinion) and is less sticky than the others. If you want a budget hand cream, I would definitely recommend getting this one.

Hand Chemistry - Hyaluronic Concentrate (€30)
Yves Rocher - Long-lasting Moisturizing Hand Cream (€3,90)
Douglas Naturals - Hand Cream (€9,95)
Nivea - Hand Cream (€4,06)

To be honest, I did not have big expectations for the Hyaluronic Concentrate. It looks a bit dull, but it turned out to be exactly the opposite. It made my skin softer than any cream or gel has ever done, and I'm impressed!

Did you know the brand Hand Chemistry? And do you use hand cream sometimes?

Love, Rani


  1. Great review! I don´t know this label but I really want to try this product. I have to use hand cream every day but I haven´t found a good one.


    Littlest Fashion Show

  2. Ik heb die van Yves rocher hier, hoewel ik amper handcreme gebruik. Ik vind m wel fijn, hoewel ik niet beter weet aangezien ik nooit een andere heb gehad :D

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  4. Never heard about Hand Chemistry before but it sounds very promising! And I looked up the brand and they have so many cool products.

  5. Lijkt me heel fijn om te gebruiken!

    xxx Amber

  6. Gorgeous pictures! The Douglas cream sounds like a great hand cream! Wonderful post and review Rani!

  7. Ik gebruik echt nooit handcrème, in m'n hoofd is dat altijd veel te vettig, haha :D Maar deze post verleidt me wel om het toch eens uit te proberen! Prachtige foto's alweer <3
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

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