August 22, 2015


I'm sorry for being off the radar for two whole days. I've been at Pukkelpop, a festival in Belgium. More about that soon of course. But I made some time in-between to shoot this little post about one of my favorite new lipsticks!

I recently discovered Illamasqua and I instantly fell in love with the brand. There are a lot of products I would like to try out, and I started with their lipsticks. (You know me.) There were so many gorgeous colors, I had such a hard time choosing! But eventually I went for 'ESP'. My first purple-purple lipstick. I ordered a few lipsticks recently from which I thought they were purple, but they turned out to be more red, brown or bordeaux. Now I finally found a purple one, that is actually purple!

The packaging is simple and I like it. It's black with Illamasqua written on it in white, the logo on top and the info below.

The lipstick has a matte finish, but doesn't feel dry at all. It glides on very smoothly and is also highly pigmented. Nothing bad to say about the formula. 

About the color, well, I absolutely love this color.
It changes in different lighting! The swatch is in sunlight and the color looks more pink-purple with a metallic shine. The first lipswatch is inside as I normally take them, and the second one is outside in the shadow. Different, right? I also like that the lipstick leaves a pink line around the lips, like on the swatch. I have a lot of lipsticks, and not one of them does this and changes this much in different lightings. 

Illamasqua - Lipstick in color ESP (€28)

I love this color, it's definitely a new favorite of mine. I also like how the color changes in every light. 
Now I only want more Illamasqua lipsticks!

Love, Rani


  1. This is one of the coolest lipsticks I've seen, the color is amazing! More purple lipsticks please!

  2. Wow chapeau aan Illamasqua. Zoals jij al zei: veel paarse lippenstiften zijn inderdaad niet echt paars;

    x Karen

  3. Prachtige kleur! In de huls heeft het een galaxy effect, erg speciaal.

  4. Wauw wat een prachtige kleur! Die kleur staat super bij je haar.

  5. That color is so cool!!! Love it!!! :) So pretty!

  6. Love the purple!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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