August 18, 2015


Yesterday you already got a sneak peek, but today:
 the full Guerlain Fall 2015 collection: Bloom of Rose!

The new Guerlain fall collection, Bloom of Rose, is a breeze of softness and wellness after the summer holidays. 

The collection exists out of 8 different products: Le Stylo Lèvres (lip liner), Gloss d'ender (lip gloss), Rose aux Joues (blush), Écrin 4 couleurs (eyeshadow) and four other products which I got: KissKiss Roselip, KissKiss, Nailift La Base and the Écrin 6 Couleurs.

Who are the completely new stars? 
The lip balm, nail base and blushes!

I have already showed you the palette and every detail of it in yesterdays post
To read it, click here!

Lipstick. Aaaaand I'm happy.

Seriously, I first discovered the KissKiss lipstick some months ago, and I immediately wanted some of these in my lipstick stash. They look so pretty, black and gold (love that combo), with a case that looks like it's divided in three compartments. There are two colors in this collection: 345 Orange Fizz and 370 Lady Pink. I got Orange Fizz. I'm not really the biggest fan of orange, but I don't have a lot of orangy reds - and lately I've been pushing myself to get some non-wine/berry colors, so Orange Fizz it izz.

The little one is a petite sample, but the color is very pretty, a real red (Rouge Kiss) that I wanted to show this one as well. It's not part of the fall collection.

Oh, and did you know these lipsticks make a loud "click" when you close them? It's a distinctive characteristic of the KissKiss!

At first I was a bit disappointed, no colors? Only a base?
But I quickly forgot about that when I used it. In my opinion, it's not right to call it a base, it gives off a very shiny layer, and you can wear this alone, without any color on top. Other bases are mostly matte, don't apply well and you can not wear them alone. This one is different.

But it does more than just make your nails shiny, it should improve the quality of the nails and make them harder and stronger. The more you apply it, the harder your nails get. I haven't used it that often, because I haven't found the time yet, but I'm very curious!

Another new one: the Roselip. Roselip is a balm with color. You wouldn't say that based on mine, but I got the lightest color in 'Morning Rose'. 

This is Guerlain's first colored balm and it's enriched with rose-oil, so it smells a bit like roses. Other ingredients of the formula are jojoba-oil and hyaluronic acid (for fuller lips, hurray!). 

It has the same (pretty) packaging as the normal KissKiss, but in white. It looks just as classy.

I am not a lip balm person, I love my lipsticks too much. But there is an other way, and that's how I have used it for a couple of weeks now. I usually put it on before I go to bed, so the formula can enrich my lips while I sleep. It lies next to my La Mer moisturizer on my nightstand now.

Swatches couldn't be missing of course.

The KissKiss lipsticks are very creamy, and they apply smooth and easy. The pigmentation is also really good as you can see. Very happy with my KissKiss'es!

The Roselip is a balm that feels very light. No stickiness, just hydration. (And hopefully fuller lips.) You can see that it gives off color by the swatch, and bear in mind that this is the lightest color. There als also darker colors available.

Guerlain - KissKiss Roselip in Morning Rose (€38,50)
Guerlain - KissKiss in 345 Orange Fizz (€38,50)
Guerlain - Naillift La Base (€25,70 - Limited Edition)
Guerlain - Écrin 6 Couleurs in Beaugrenelle (€84,50)

The products I have are all great. The palette is gorgeous, I love the KissKiss finish and I even fell for the lip balm. The nail base has a pretty shine too, but I need to use it more often to test the hardening effect.

What's your favorite from this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. The Orange Fizz is a pretty color and I think the Roselip looks so classy with the white packaging! But the palette is still my favorite.

  2. What a gorgeous post... thank you for sharing!

  3. Ik heb ook een KissKiss lipenstift en echt tevreden van de kwaliteit en de pigmentatie. Deze nieuwe kleuren zijn ook weer erg mooi.

    x Karen

  4. Hoe mooi is die oogschaduw! En die lippenstift kleuren! Ö

  5. Gorgeous photos as always Rani!!!! That red lipstick is so pretty!!! Wonderful review !

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