August 11, 2015


Fall is coming, and so are the new & Other Stories beauty products. I got a few new things to show you and we're starting off with the Floral Memento Body Soufflé and Lip Primer Pot!

These are the two stars of today: a Body Soufflé and a Lip Primer!

The packaging is simple and very '& Other Stories'. I'm crazy about their Scandinavian minimalist clothing and shoes, but their beauty range also has that distinctive Scandinavian touch. Something I can really appreciate! 

My first thoughts were "Body Soufflé? What is that?". Turns out it is a whipped body cream! The cream feels rich, but not greasy. As you can see on the swatch above, it has a very airy formula, just like a soufflé. The cream keeps my skin soft and supple. 

Not to mention the heavenly scent! I got Floral Memento, and it smells amazing. I already lost my jar to my mom, she loves it even more than I do. & Other Stories describes the scent as:

"Dusty violets
settling among
bergamot trees and
peony dreams."

And that is exactly how I would describe it (if I had that kind of poetic talent), just by thinking about these lines you can envision the scent.

What's in it?
- Meadowfoam seed oil (moisturises)
- Vitamine E (leaves skin soothened and provides an anti-oxidant action)
- Shea butter (brings profound skin nutrition) 
 - Babassu oil (offers protection and emollience)

You won't believe that this is actually my first lip primer. I have so many lipsticks, but I never wear a primer. Although it is definitely needed for some of the lipsticks. This base is moisturizing, but it also has color correcting pigments = great for under nude lipsticks. 

There are the two main ingredients:
- Vitamin E (works as an anti-oxidant with moisturising and soothing properties on skin)

- Shea butter (nourishes and provides a luxurious skin feel)

I tried it out with one of my 'problem lipsticks', and it stayed longer! Not a whole day, but still, noticeable longer. It has a soft minty/vanilla scent.

& Other Stories - Body Soufflé in Floral Memento (€12 for 250ml)
& Other Stories - Lip Primer Pot (€12)

Both products are nice, but I can definitely recommend the Body Soufflé. There are different (and all original) scents, and €12 is just no money for a jar of 250ml.

Love, Rani


  1. Their products look great! And the pictures are really beautiful!

  2. Ze zien er echt mooi uit!


  3. They look great! Gorgeous photos!!!! :)


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