August 11, 2015


Highlighters are one of the things I collect. I love highlighting my face till I feel like a discoball and I literally want every single one that's on the market. So when I placed an order at Inglot, a highlighter could not be missing!

I picked out the AMC Multicolour Highlighter. There are actually two different versions and I went for 84, the lightest palette.

When I first got my order I was surprised by the quality of the packagings, so good! 
This one also looks pretty with the clear and black plastic and feels quite heavy. 

About the colors. 
Normally with these multicolored palettes you have to use them all at once, like the middle swatch. But that color would be too coral/brown/peachy for me to use as a highlighter, but would be perfect to use as a blush or bronzer. 

For the highlighting effect, I prefer to use the first and last two colors. The first two colors give a golden glow and the last two colors have a more pinkish/silver glow. They also don't shimmer that much, but they give a glow. It's just the right amount of shimmer for a subtle everyday highlight.

Inglot - AMC Highlighter (€20)

So this little 'palette' has actually two different highlighters and a blush/bronzer in it. Talking about a win-win situation! I'm happy to have added this highlighter to the collection. 

Which swatch do you prefer? Gold, silver or peach?

Love, Rani


  1. I like the golden one more, that swatch looks really good!

  2. Speciale kleur die rood-achtige! Inderdaad meer een blush, fijne post!


  3. Wow wat een mooie blush.

    x Karen

  4. That looks so pretty! Gorgeous photos Rani!!!


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