August 13, 2015


Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the 'hottest' brands these days. It seems like they have it all, from perfect brows to perfect lips. That's why I'm showing you five ABH lip glosses today!

I have a lot of ABH goodies to show you, but I'm starting of with these glosses. I was just to eager to try them out! These glosses are from the Hydrafull line, a line that promises hydrated lips, long lasting moisture and even improved texture of the lips. That does not sound bad at all!

The packaging is very Anastasia-like. They tend to keep it simple: the cap in silver, the container see-through. Their newer lines are in black, but this one is silver. I think they look good, they add a pop of color to my make-up stash. 

The applicator is a plastic one and not the most convenient. I personally prefer a sponge and I think the gloss would have been a lot easier to use with a sponge applicator. But plastic applicators are very easy to clean, and much more hygienic!

I got a few different colors, from nude to orangy to pink. I'll name them in the order of the first photo: 

- Barely: a color that is barely there, but the gloss is. It's perfect to accompany the nudes in the lipstick collection.
- Bellini: an orange color with a lot of shimmers. This is actually among my favorites because of the shimmers.
- Sugar Pink: a sweet, soft pink tone with shimmer. I think this is the one that's gonna win a lot of you over!
- Flamingo: A non-shimmery pink hue, a bit more pink than Sugar Pink.
- Sorbet: the pinkest of them all, and my personal favorite. It doesn't have any shimmers, but it gives off the most color from all of these.


On the swatches you can see that they all are well pigmented for a gloss, but they're not full coverage as the new glosses. I like these to add a little shine to my lipsticks, like I did on the last photo. I could have used any other of the pink ones, but Sorbet really is my favorite. This is how I mostly wear the ABH Hydrafull glosses, over my lipstick.

I didn't do lipswatches of every gloss, because my lips have such a non-pink, nudish color that some of the colors just don't come over as well. But to give an impression of how they look without any lipstick, I swatched two of them for you.

The formula feels a bit sticky. There are stickier formulas on the market, but there also are less stickier formulas. It also feels moisturizing, which is great for a gloss.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Hydrafull Gloss (€22,46 - available at

If you're a gloss-lover, you need these in your stash. If you aren't, well I have a few other ABH products that will definitely win over your heart!

Which color is your favorite?

Love, Rani


  1. Oeh, wat een mooie kleurtjes! Ik vind Sorbet ook een hele mooie, samen met de nude!

    x Sarah

  2. The Bellini is my favorite, that one looks so good on you!

  3. Wow de sorbet kleur is erg mooi!

    x Karen

  4. Beautiful lip glosses! I love the last one! Gorgeous pictures and awesome review Rani!!!

  5. Ik kende de shop ook nog niet, ik dacht al dat ABH bestellen moeilijk was! Zo fijn dat er ook een .nl shop dit verkoopt!

  6. Mooie foto's en hele mooie lipglosses! Ik ben wel benieuwd naar de Anastasia Beverly Hills producten, vooral de lipsticks! Ik zag pas een paar swatches, echt wow!


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