August 17, 2015


guerlain beaugrenelle palette

I have waited so, SO impatiently to show you this: meet the prettiest palette of all the fall collections. Maybe even the prettiest palette this year?

guerlain beaugrenelle palette

Okay, just take a moment to let the beauty sink in...

This palette is part of the fall 2015 collection of Guerlain: Bloom of Rose, but it deserves it's own post because it's simply amazing.

Without a doubt: this is the prettiest palette I own. It's gorgeous. It feels quite heavy because of the metal packaging, and it has a soft golden color. The front of the palette has a beautiful carved print, with a little bee. If you open up the palette, it has exactly the same print engraved in the eyeshadows. Details, always on point with Guerlain. But to get to the eyeshadows you first have to open another cover which is actually a mirror. 

guerlain beaugrenelle swatches eyelook

guerlain beaugrenelle swatches eyelook

Colors and swatches.

The colors of the Beaugrenelle palette are so lovely. The middle color of the palette is the eye-catcher (that's why it's in the center) and it's the last swatch: a really great metallicy blue color. They're all very well pigmented, just as you have seen in the other mono palettes I have. But I definitely like these better because of the different finishes: some mattes, satins, and the middle one has a hint of metallic.

They all are easy to apply, I applied the eyeliner with the Guerlain brush from the palette, and it went pretty well I think! I went for the dark blue color in the outer corners, the light shimmery one in the middle and some lashes. A simple, wearable, blue look for you. I personally would use some glitter glue and pack on the middle color a bit more, to get more of a dramatic effect. 

Guerlain - Écrin 6 Couleurs in Beaugrenelle (€84,50)

Do I need to say more? This palette is thé best thing of the fall collections.
And yes, it comes with a price tag, but it's also kind of a collector's item for the make-up hoarders among us.

What do you think about this palette? Are you as smitten with it as I am?

Love, Rani


  1. And the award for most awesome en sophisticated packaging goes to .. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG <3

  2. Everything about it is so amazing! The colours are pretty and the packaging is perfect!

  3. Je schotelt ons vandaag echt pure perfectie voor op een bord!

  4. Loving this post and palette <3

  5. Deze oogschaduw is echt prachtig maar net iets te prijzig vind ik. Net als jou zou ik er inderdaad ook graag een beetje glitter bij hebben, zeker voor in het weekend.

    x Karen

  6. That is a gorgeous palate ! Love the blues. Gorgeous pictures!!! :)


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