August 14, 2015


Candles are my interior weakness. Always have been. When I was younger I even had a drawer full of candles, and I couldn't pass by any scented candles without sneaking them into my shopping basket. Nowadays I still have that love for candles, and today I'm showing you my latest addition: my Cire Trudon candle. It truly is a piece of history.

The scent I have is named 'Odalisque', it's inspired by orange blossom, wood barks and 'the pale curl of smoke from a narghile'. It's a citrus-scented candle and it features warm notes of vanilla and wild juniper. Can you already smell it? It's a warm and sweet scent, exactly what I want my home to smell like.

And look at how gorgeous this candle looks. You can see that the glass is hand blown, and the signature gold plaque looks so luxurious. 
I really like how this candle looks, so original.

Cire Trudon - Bougie in Odalisque (€65)
Jo Malone perfumes (€47 for 30ml)

Cire Trudon has been around for a long time, it was founded in 1643. It even is the oldest candle maker in the world that's still active today. Throughout the 17th century, the manufacturer became the royal wax manufacturer and official supplier to the French court, and then to Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Don't you love labels with a history? I do. 
From Napoleon to my living room, that's just really cool. 

Love, Rani


  1. I need this candle in my interior to spice it up a bit, love the interior posts!


  2. That is such a pretty candle! And the history behind the label is so amazing!

  3. Wat gaaf zeg dat er zo'n geschiedenis achter zit! Heel tof!
    Liefs Iep

  4. Zojuist beland ik via The Blogboard op je site..Jeetje wat een prachtige blog heb je zeg, dat ik je site nog niet eerder heb ontdekt. Je foto's zijn echt fantastisch!

    1. Oh dat is zo fijn om te horen! Dankjewel, echt lief!


  5. Word maar interior designer jij :D Zo mooi, comme toujours! Helemaal mijn stijl ook.
    ♡ IMKE | Pastellics

  6. That is so cool! A bit of history in a candle! Gorgeous candle!

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