July 30, 2015


lipstick queen bete noire possessed intense possessed metal

lipstick queen bete noire possessed intense possessed metal

You know I love lipsticks, but did you know my name actually means queen in the Indian language?
Reason enough for me to get my hands on some Lipstick Queen!

I ordered a few items from Lipstick Queen, and today I'm showing you two lipsticks of the same line: Bête Noire. More about that below, but first, let's talk packaging!

The box is very original, it has a grey and black leopard print all over. The front says 'Lipstick Queen', the back has an ingredients list, one side says 'Bête Noire' and one side has leopard eyes on it. Ever seen a box like this? Nope, I haven't either. Pretty!

The casing itself is pretty too. It's a big lipstick, very long. It's also quite heavy, because the casing is fully made of purple metal. It definitely matches the dark color and (rebellious/luxurious) feeling of the lipstick. 'By Poppy' is written on the lipsticks. Which Poppy? Poppy King of course, she is the founder of Lipstick Queen.

What really attracted me to these, and what's special about it, is that it's the same shade but in three different formulations. I have the 'Possessed Intense' and the 'Possessed Metal', but there also is third one called 'Possessed Sheer'. Possessed Intense is matte, Possessed Metal is metallic and Possessed Sheer has a silky, wet finish. 

 “I was inspired by the dark sensuality within us all when creating these three beautiful takes on black cherry lips. They’re glamorous, intriguing and yet with no hint of goth about them thanks to the warm, blackberry tone of these dark, midnight shades. This seductive collection will bring drama and intensity to your lips so get ready to embrace your dark side!” - Poppy King

Poppy really captured what she wanted in these lipsticks. 

lipstick queen bete noire possessed intense possessed metal

Top to Bottom on arm: Possessed Intense - Possessed Metal. Lips: Possessed Metal, then Possessed Intense

The swatches of the Possessed Metal did not capture the beauty of the color. It is so, so pretty. It's fully metallic with a shine. I have no lipsticks to compare it with, it's one of a kind. And I'm sold. (And even my mom hinted very subtle 'Ooh, that's a color I would wear too, Rani...'.)

Possessed Intense is not as matte as I thought it would be. I doesn't look very matte on my lips, but therefor it also isn't drying. I would describe it as a demi-matte. The swatches on the Lipstick Queen website from Possessed Metal are accurate, but this one did not came out as purple and matte as on the website.) Both of the lipsticks are easy to apply (Metal even a little more). They also feel good on the lips. 

Lipstick Queen - Bête Noire in colors Possessed Intense and Possessed Metal (€33)

Possessed Metal is a new favorite of mine. The color is beautiful. Possessed Intense is also very pretty, but Metal is just really one of a kind.

Have you ever heard of Lipstick Queen before?

Love, Rani


  1. The Possessed Metal is really beautiful! It's one of the prettiest lipsticks you have!

  2. Those colours look amazing. I always love a good lipstick!

  3. I love the darkest one, such a pretty color!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Such beautiful colors!! Love it!

  5. Why didn't I know this brand? I seriously need everything, wow!!

    x Falke

  6. love it <3
    inglot is polish brand <3

  7. Ik ben zo'n sucker voor packaging hé .. Deze zijn echt.. WHOA! Moet dringend eens meer van dit merk ontdekken!


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